And finally, readers think that conditions within the beef industry are good, but they have concerns about the country as a whole. A majority of respondents, 50.9%, says the level of unity and cooperation within the U.S. beef industry has stayed the same, while 27.1% say it has improved, 12.4% think it has decreased and 9.6% don’t know (Figure 11).

On the other hand, when asked if the U.S. is headed in the right direction, 53.4% say no, while 24.7% say yes and 21.9% don’t know (Figure 12).

All in all, the annual BEEF State of the Industry survey shows beef producers are looking ahead with optimism as they position themselves to take advantage of high prices for the next few years.

As one reader commented, “I believe the mission of the beef industry is primarily to utilize available resources effectively to produce high-quality protein for those who choose to consume beef as part of a healthy diet. I believe we can continue to be successful in accomplishing that mission.”


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