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midyear USDA cattle numbers

Dealing With The Affliction Of Prosperity

  • Aug 27, 2014

    Energy-Guzzling Billionaire Gives Up Burgers For The Environment 1

    There’s at least a little bit of hypocrisy in all of us. We all, at times, don’t fully walk our talk, and that’s just plain human nature. Some hypocrisy is so subtle that it takes a bit of background knowledge and a little ruminating to appreciate, while other incidents slap you across the face with their immediate clarity....More
  • improving cattle industry genetics
    Aug 19, 2014

    Do You Want Progress Or Change In Cattle Breeding? 1

    We have great tools; but, because of genetic and environmental antagonisms, I think we need to be satisfied with slow change in a balanced approach – maintaining or slowly improving genetics for cowherd productivity....More
  • heavier cattle weights
    Aug 14, 2014

    Why Is Death Loss Increasing In Heavier Beef Cattle? 15

    Lots of good cattlemen believe there’s a trend taking place – that there’s something we’re doing from either a management or genetic standpoint that is increasing the health risk and susceptibility of larger-weight feedlot animals. Is it true? BEEF discusses....More
  • expansion tips from harlan hughes, market specialist
    Aug 7, 2014

    Part 3 In Harlan’s “Thinking Expansion?” Series

    This year’s rapid price increases require each rancher to rethink his long-run business plan. Such profit opportunity comes around only one or twice in a rancher’s lifetime, and how one responds is critical to the long-run economic performance of the beef cowherd....More
  • moving cattle with a horse
    Jul 30, 2014

    Why I Prefer Moving Cattle With A Horse Rather Than An ATV 2

    The rise in use of all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and side-by-sides – and less reliance on horses – to work cattle, helped force producers to focus on improving cattle disposition....More
  • midyear USDA cattle numbers
    Jul 28, 2014

    Dealing With The Affliction Of Prosperity

    If there’s one thing we can’t stand in the cattle business, it’s prosperity. But we may have to accept that we’ll struggle with that affliction for quite a while yet, if USDA’s Midyear Cattle Inventory Report is any indication....More
  • 3 alternatives to replacement beef heifers
    Jul 23, 2014

    3 Alternatives For Replacement Beef Heifers 4

    A well-run, profitable ranch should be able to cull cows at any age and make a good profit from the cow’s lifetime production when you include her sale weight. Here are 3 alternatives to retaining replacement beef females....More
  • industry, expertise, appreciation, understanding, beef, level, experience
    Jul 17, 2014

    Expert Advice Doesn’t Eliminate Learning Things The Hard Way 5

    I’ve come to believe that with expertise comes a lack of understanding or appreciation about exactly what it took to get to that level of expertise....More

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