Apr 16, 2015

Meat Market Update | Rib and loin continue tremendous rally

The rib and loin primal cuts continue their tremendous rally and were $12-$13 dollars higher again this week. However the total volume of box beef sales has started to slip compared to previous years....More
Apr 6, 2015

6 steps to low-input cow herd feeding

Burke Teichert prefers a “low input” feeding approach, in which producers are willing to take the rough edges off the natural environment. Here are his six steps to low-input production....More
Apr 15, 2015

3 articles that show water usage is a major consumer concern 8

National coverage of the ongoing drought in California seems to be stoking consumer concern about water usage in food production, with beef being singled out as a big user of water. How should the meat industry respond?...More
Apr 8, 2015

Hay & forage growers anxiously await Mother Nature’s spring play

The 2015 haying season is upon us, and growers anxiously await Mother Nature’s spring verdict....More
Mar 30, 2015

A pickup in the ditch says everything about the rural lifestyle 1

Anyone who has experienced serious injury or illness in a loved one can appreciate the highs and lows, and how dark things can be in the middle of it all. Here's a story of how a pickup in a ditch serves as a constant reminder for one rancher....More
Apr 8, 2015

Beat the rancher’s curse; stop assuming people can read your mind 1

It’s a lot easier today to overcome the rancher’s curse than in the old days. After all, texts and emails allow us to build up to that actual two-way conversation....More
Apr 8, 2015

Meat Market Update | Big price rally around grilling season

The grilling season has definitely started in most areas which helped to improve prices especially for steak-type middle meats....More
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Apr 2, 2015

It’s not scalable or practical, yet the food movement marches on 1

For the food movement to achieve its aims, modern agriculture must cease to exist....More

Would you go to Mars if you had to stay there?

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and founder of the private spaceflight company SpaceX, plans to unveil his concepts for Mars colonization later this year.

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