Brazilian JBS-Swift is receiving heat from U.S. lobbyists in their takeover of National Beef Packing and Smithfield and Five Rivers Feedlot, making JBS-Swift the largest beef operation in the U.S.

Opponents of this takeover lay out reasons why the takeover should not be permitted stating that the takeover would take the competitiveness out of the beef industry, leaving farmers' prices in the hands of a few large players. These U.S. farm lobbyist groups have succeeded in getting 19 members of Congress, to write letters to the Department of Justice, opposing the takeover.

According to the U.S. Meat Export Federation, Brazil is the number one exporter of beef. So what do you think? How has the JBS-Swift takeover impacted our industry? What do you think about a Brazilian company owning the largest beef operation in the United States? What does this say as Brazil as global powerhouse in the global beef climate?