In light of recent terrorist actions, producers need to be extra vigilant of their livestock and property.

The Texas Animal Health Commission suggests producers:

  • Check livestock regularly. Immediately report signs of disease.
  • Report suspicious activities, intruders or circumstances to local authorities. Be sure to record license plate numbers and descriptions of trespassers.
  • Report sudden, unexplained death loss in the herd, or severe illness affecting a high percentage of animals.
  • Report any blistering around an animal’s mouth, nose, teats or hooves; unusual ticks or maggots; or central nervous system disorders that cause an animal to stagger or fall.

The Texas Cattle Feeders Association adds these suggestions:

  • Thoroughly screen new employees.
  • Prohibit unnecessary visitors and ask employees to report unescorted visitors to management.
  • Get license plate numbers on suspicious vehicles.
  • Immediately report suspicious movements to police.
  • Keep and post a list of emergency contacts and throughout the operation.
  • Review internal safety and security procedures with all employees.
  • Report all threats, thefts, inventory shortages, vandalism and sabotage to police.

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