I remember reading a few years back that there’s been more innovation in the past 30 years than the rest of recorded history combined, and the pace was accelerating. I can believe that.

When I grew up in the 1950s, we were frozen in time compared to today. We acquired our first television when I was about nine years old. You could almost fix and eat dinner in the time it took the vacuum tubes in that old set to warm up. But we had only one channel, so it wasn’t like we were missing a whole lot of programming.

There was innovation in the world at that time, of course; it was the jet age after all. But a lot of the innovation didn’t seem to reach down into the everyday life of the average American kid, at least not in my locale.

I think that’s what makes childhood for boomers so great; it was solid, it was consistent and mostly we were satisfied. We even managed to survive all the lead paint, trans fats and peanut dust that existed back before we had the government nannies to look after us.

Kids these days are wired differently. They’re used to rapid change and disposability; and the rest of us have been forced to keep up in order to compete. Technology today has a very short shelf life. Buy the latest cell phone today and it’s practically outdated before you get the initial charge into its battery.

But, I think both mindsets – those who like stability and those who like freshness – will like what will debut later this month at beefmagazine.com.

It’s amazing that something that hardly existed a decade ago has become such a vital part of our informational outreach to readers. And, it’s in that vein of service that our redesigned website is dedicated.

We’ve been working on the new site for months, creating ways to make it easier for readers to find what they’re looking for, and providing more information that they will find useful. We’ve kept the best features of our existing site, but added a lot more capability.

Our new content platform makes it easier for BEEF editors to post relevant, timely stories that are more graphically interesting, too. We’ll have beefed up our video and blog offerings, added weather, markets and other wrinkles, to boot.

The lynchpin of the new look is a taxonomy that will help readers navigate through our pages easily and quickly with fewer key strokes. Our improved search capabilities will get you there faster and provide a world of related information as well.

It’s all aimed at serving your informational needs and making us more helpful and relevant in your planning and decision making. Check it out toward the end of November and let us know what you think.