American agriculture has long been the most productive agricultural center in the world, producing key food and fiber ingredients for the rest of the world. In this book of personal stories and photographs, the authors Samantha Yates Borgstedt and Darren Hudson draw attention to the agriculture they see on a daily basis.

In particular, they shed light on the fact that agriculture is family oriented, with families making up the clear preponderance of American agriculture. They capture the diversity of production systems, business strategies, and roles of support industries, revealing to the reader a broader world of farming, ranching, and agribusiness. Through the personal stories and photos of the families, businesses and communities, the authors hope to create a broader understanding or what all is involved when feeding and clothing the world.

The authors focus on the Texas High Plains because it is a diverse production area, with many crops and livestock operations, organic and conventional farming, conservation techniques, and broad array of business structures that can serve to inform and educate about the true American agriculture.

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