Texas AgriLife Extension has several publications to help coastal residents prepare for weather and other disasters. One is directed toward households and outlines how to prepare a disaster plan and a disaster kit. The second is directed at ag producers and provides information needed to prepare for weather-related and other emergencies. It contains steps ranchers and farmers need to take to protect people, animals, crops and other ag-related items. You can download both publications here.

In addition, a free emergency preparedness and recovery app for iPhones is available. Related publications on disaster preparedness and recovery are also available. Click on “Disasters and Emergencies” and then on “Preparedness” or “Recovery.”

Expected tropical cyclone activity – 175% of average

The CSU hurricane team predicts that tropical cyclone activity in 2013 will be about 175% of the average season. By comparison, 2012 witnessed tropical cyclone activity that was 131% of the average season.

The hurricane forecast team's probabilities for a major hurricane making landfall on U.S. soil in 2013 are:

  • Entire U.S. coastline – 72% (average for last century is 52%).
  • East Coast, including Florida Peninsula – 48% (average for last century is 31%).
  • Gulf Coast from the Florida Panhandle west to Brownsville, TX – 47% (average for last century is 30%).
  • Caribbean – 61% (average for last century is 42%).

Probabilities of tropical storm-force, hurricane-force, and major hurricane-force winds occurring at specific locations along the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts are listed on the forecast team’s Landfall Probability website. The site provides probabilities for all coastal states as well as 11 regions and 205 individual counties from Brownsville, TX, to Eastport, ME. The full forecast report is available at http://typhoon.atmos.colostate.edu/.


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