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Who Are Your Favorite Beef Bloggers? Plus: 10 Great BBQ Bloggers On Twitter


Social media has enabled ranchers to connect with consumers. Through online platforms, people can exchange recipe ideas, view photos of farms and ranches, and make connections from pasture to plate. Here are 10 great barbecue bloggers, and we’re compiling a list of our favorites on Twitter and Facebook, as well. Join in and help us complete our list of beef's best advocates.

Even though we are in what is typically the hottest part of summer, I know winter isn’t too far away. That’s why my family grills outside just about every day these days; it won’t be long before the cold and snow force us indoors. From ribs, to steaks, to kabobs, there are plenty of options for great-tasting beef meals prepared on a hot grill. I’m always looking for inspiration to spice up these classic beef staples, and Twitter is one way for grilling enthusiasts to find great-tasting recipe ideas.

Recently, compiled a list of 10 top grilling and barbecue bloggers on Twitter. According to the article, “With the dog days of summer settling in, it’s the perfect time to perfect your grilling and barbecue skills. Hit the local farmer’s market or butcher shop and gather your friends, but don’t forget to find the perfect recipe! This list includes the top 10 grilling and barbecue bloggers on Twitter, ranked by number of Twitter followers.”


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Here is the top 10 list of barbecue and grilling bloggers:

1. Daniel Vaugn -- @TMBBQ

2. Clint Cantwell -- @SmokeInDaEye

3. Richard Wachtel -- @GrillingwRich

4. Derrick Riches -- @derrickriches

5. Robyn Medlin -- @GrillGrrrl

6. Brian Henderson -- @bbqsaucereviews

7. Nick Solares -- @EaterNY

8. Gav Martell -- @gavmartell

9. Chris Grove -- @NibbleMeThis

10. “Porky LeSwine” -- @BBQJew

Social media helps bring information to the general public, and the agricultural industry is quickly learning that we have to be a part of the conversations that happen there. We’ve addressed this topic in a few videos, including these two, which you might like:

1. Social Media | Bringing The Coffee Shop To The Internet

2. Using Social Media To Tell Our Story

I thought it would be fun to compile our own list of favorite beef bloggers, amateur chefs, grilling enthusiasts, ranchers, and beef industry professionals. I need your help in putting this list together. Once we’ve got a great list going, I will post it on Facebook, Twitter and an upcoming blog post.

Help build our community by sharing your favorite bloggers, Facebook pages, and Twitter handles. Leave your list of favorites in the comments section below. Thanks for participating.

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The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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on Aug 5, 2014

Such a great topic! I don't follow a lot of chefs, but find that for tasty cooking, and easy recipes, I always turn to the Pioneer Woman. She uses ingredients I can get at the market in our small town, and the food is always good.

I also follow some fabulous women that share their life in ag -
Robyn @
Lindsay @
Josie @
And I blog about our ranch life at

I'm looking forward to seeing your recommendations and who others follow! :)

on Aug 5, 2014

I also enjoy the photos and writings of Robyn, and I am going to check out the other bloggers on your list ;-)

on Aug 5, 2014

A few of the beef bloggers I follow are:
Anne @
Bridget @
Naomi @
Terryn (that's me) @

I really enjoy reading other bloggers stories, sometimes I can totally relate and other times I learn something completely new. So, I too am looking forward to seeing who everyone else follows!

The Montana Ranch Adventure (not verified)
on Aug 5, 2014
The Montana Ranch Adventure (not verified)
on Aug 5, 2014
Charlotte (not verified)
on Aug 6, 2014 is my own video blog but I hope you'll check it out. I do monthly videos selecting a different cut you'd find in a 1/4 beef order.

This helps my customers not be so intimated and overwhelmed when they order 100 lbs of beef at once!!

Plus, I intersperse some of our farm life in there- my 7 yr old and I moving cows on horseback and more.

Love your emails and find all articles interesting!!

Steve Graves (not verified)
on Aug 9, 2014

Steve Graves (not verified)
on Aug 9, 2014


on Aug 11, 2014

More active is my FB page

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