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Nevil Speer has extensive experience and involvement with the livestock and food industry including various service and consultation projects spanning such issues as market competition, business and economic implications of agroterrorism, animal identification, assessment of price risk and market volatility on the producer segment, and usage of antibiotics in animal agriculture.
Dr. Speer writes about many aspects regarding agriculture and the food industry with regular contribution to BEEF and Feedstuffs.  He’s also written several influential industry white papers dealing with issues such as changing business dynamics in the beef complex, producer decision-making, and country-of-origin labeling.
He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Institute for Animal Agriculture.
Dr. Speer holds both a PhD in Animal Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

cattle numbers continue to decline
Industry At A Glance: Fed Market Vs. Annual Beef Spending 1
My April 30 Industry-At-A-Glance chart featured the comparative meat expenditures of beef, pork and poultry, and beef’s relative market share. As noted in the discussion, the strength of any company or industry is ultimately based on its ability to generate revenue.
Cattle Market Continues Its Remarkable Run
The market finally hit some speed bumps in April following some sharp gains in January, February and March.
Industry At A Glance: Changing Structure Of U.S. Dairy Operations
Overall dairy sales were approximately $31.7 billion in 2007 vs. $35.3 billion in 2012 (a difference of $3.6 billion). What’s important, though, is the change in sales mix during those five years.
cowboy sunset
Industry At A Glance: Older Cowmen Aren’t The Ones Exiting The Business 5
This column has been focusing recently on some pertinent results from USDA’s 2012 Ag Census data. One such important piece of data is the categorization detailing the age of principal owner of cattle operations in the U.S.
Industry At A Glance: Change In Structure Of U.S. Beef Cow Operations 3
According to the latest USDA Ag Census, the U.S. cow-calf sector saw a decline of nearly 175,000 operations in the past 20 years, with 141,000 of those operations being in the category of 1-49 cows.
Industry At A Glance: 2014 CPH 45 Sales 2
The hardest part for many producers to deal with when discussing value-added marketing programs is the reality that some marketing independence must be sacrificed.
beef and chicken prices at grocery store
Industry At A Glance: Comparing Prices At The Meat Counter 4
Are beef’s higher prices a reflection of improved pricing power because of beef’s improved quality and eating satisfaction? Or will beef price itself too high and ultimately end up hurting demand?
Industry At A Glance: A Look At Meat Spending & Beef Market Share 2
The relative strength of any industry is dependent upon its ability to generate revenue. That’s a critical measure (along with profitability) that’s ultimately more important than simply measuring sales volume.
Market Outlook: Cattle Market Appears To Turn The Corner In April
The fed market finally took a breath in April. Following $152+ trade in March, steer and heifers backed up to the mid-$140s late in the month.
corn price versus carryover
Industry At A Glance: Corn Price Vs. Carryover Stocks
The Chinese use two symbols to simultaneously represent the concept of risk or crisis: one is danger, the other is opportunity. That’s an appropriate characterization of the risk and reward potential inherent in today’s commodity markets.
cattle market outlook
January Cattle Market Forces A Rewrite Of The Record Books
The market’s huge run of late has been driven by frantic action on the wholesale side – surging beef values incentivized packers to chase cattle.
fed market differences in cattle price
Industry At A Glance: Can The Fed Market Keep Climbing?
In nine of the past 10 years, the fed cattle market has moved higher into spring from its January high.
Industry At A Glance: End Meats & Middle Meats Flip Flop Positions
For the first time ever in the cutout series, beef end meats comprise more than 50% of the Choice wholesale market, with middle meats falling below 40%.
Industry At A Glance: Feedyard Revenue Through 2013
Estimates of feedyard revenue serve as an indicator of the total dollars available within the business.
Industry At A Glance: Shrinking Feedyard Margins
Cattle feeders have increasingly been forced to work much harder to ensure some semblance of margin while managing ever-larger amounts of capital in their operations.
Industry At A Glance: Branded Beef Sales
December 29, 2012

This is an excellent inquiry regarding the data. A couple of points of clarification might be helpful here. 1. The data is based on the comprehensive cutout detailing...

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