Nevil Speer

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Nevil Speer has extensive experience and involvement with the livestock and food industry including various service and consultation projects spanning such issues as market competition, business and economic implications of agroterrorism, animal identification, assessment of price risk and market volatility on the producer segment, and usage of antibiotics in animal agriculture.
Dr. Speer writes about many aspects regarding agriculture and the food industry with regular contribution to BEEF and Feedstuffs.  He’s also written several influential industry white papers dealing with issues such as changing business dynamics in the beef complex, producer decision-making, and country-of-origin labeling.
He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Institute for Animal Agriculture.
Dr. Speer holds both a PhD in Animal Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

october cattle market outlook
Why The Cattle Market Is At A Critical Juncture 1
While the upside in the cattle market is always welcome, any sharp move in either direction just adds complexity to risk management and cattle marketing decisions.
retail ground beef prices
Industry At A Glance: Retail Beef & The Ground Beef Market
Popular press coverage recently highlighted the fact that the average cost of ground beef in the U.S. surpassed the seemingly important threshold of $4/lb. for the first time ever. But, meat case pricing is all relative.
comprehensive choice select spread
Industry At A Glance: Beef Price Spreads – Prime Explodes Over Select 1
Price spreads are a key factor within the boxed-beef market that drives business decision-making at the production level.
annual spot boxed beef sales
Industry At A Glance: Annual Spot Boxed-Beef Sales by Category
Demand for Choice beef product has been on the rise – representing an increase of nearly 9% of the total sales mix during the past 10 years.
annual boxed beef sales
Industry At A Glance: Annual Boxed-Beef Sales By Category 2
Will the beef complex continue to produce and market an even greater portion of Prime, Choice and branded products? Or will the marketplace stabilize at its current levels?
Industry At A Glance: Factors Driving The Lean Trimmings Market
External forces are a significant factor in market movements for lean trimmings and ground beef.
beef cattle market outlook fall 2014
September Cattle Market Outlook: Bull Run Cools, But Market Upside Possible
Given the cattle market action from May through July, it almost seemed as if there was no stopping the bull run in the cattle market. Reality set in during August, however, with live cattle prices being subjected to a consolidating trend.
Industry At A Glance: Boneless Beef Imports Tick Up From 2013’s Decline
Total beef imports into the U.S. have declined dramatically since the peak in 2004. While 2014 shows a slight uptick from the deep trough of 2013, what does this trend portend for the domestic and international beef market?
Industry At A Glance: Mid-Year Look At The Beef Export Market 3
Beef export totals could easily surpass $6.5 billion in 2014 and establish a new all-time record – the fifth in five years.
declining cow slaughter
Industry At A Glance: Declining Beef & Dairy Cow Slaughter
Declining beef cow slaughter provides clues to if and when cowherd expansion will happen.
Beef Demand Still Strong As Prices Continue To Surge
The cattle market’s action during the past several months has all been established on the back of boxed-beef values.
branded beef boxed sales
Industry At A Glance: Prime & Branded Beef Sales Continue To Grow
An all-new weekly record was established at the end of June when nearly 18% of all boxed-beef sales were comprised of Prime or branded products.
weekly regional price differences
Industry At A Glance: A Look At Regional Fed-Market Price Differences
A look at the regional dynamics (north vs. south) within the fed cattle market.
weekly corn basis from texas triangle
Industry At A Glance: Texas Triangle Corn Basis Sees Spike
A 50¢ move in corn basis since last summer represents a value difference of nearly $30/head between the northern and southern regions – the equivalent of $4-$5/cwt. for a 750-lb. steer.
Industry At A Glance: Is Beef A Luxury Food Or A Staple? 2
The rising price of beef stirs lots of discussion about the industry’s ability to maintain competitiveness over the long run.
Industry At A Glance: Branded Beef Sales
December 29, 2012

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