Nevil Speer

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Nevil Speer has extensive experience and involvement with the livestock and food industry including various service and consultation projects spanning such issues as market competition, business and economic implications of agroterrorism, animal identification, assessment of price risk and market volatility on the producer segment, and usage of antibiotics in animal agriculture.
Dr. Speer writes about many aspects regarding agriculture and the food industry with regular contribution to BEEF and Feedstuffs.  He’s also written several influential industry white papers dealing with issues such as changing business dynamics in the beef complex, producer decision-making, and country-of-origin labeling.
He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Institute for Animal Agriculture.
Dr. Speer holds both a PhD in Animal Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Industry At A Glance: Cattle regain top billing in farm gate receipts
After taking an ethanol bath, cattle receipts have regained top billing.
Industry At A Glance: How important are feeder cattle imports from Canada and Mexico?
Feeder cattle imports have long helped feedyards stay competitive.
Industry At A Glance: How shifting dynamics affect the spot vs. comprehensive market for Choice boxed beef
Shifting dynamics in the wholesale market translate to changing prices in the live cattle market.
Industry At A Glance: Have boxed beef sales abandoned the spot market?
Just as with the fed cattle market, the wholesale beef trade is increasingly dominated by out-front sales, leaving the spot market to decline over time. What are the ramifications?
Fed cattle market: Déjà vu all over again 1
This spring’s fed market is strikingly similar to last year.
Industry At A Glance: How important is U.S. beef trade with Canada and Mexico?
How important have Canada and Mexico been as trading partners with U.S. cattle producers? BEEF breaks down the numbers.
Industry At A Glance: Captive supply and packer profits
While packer control of the fed cattle supply has long been a contentious issue, how has the trend affected packers’ gross profit? The answer might surprise you.
Industry At A Glance: How does captive supply impact the cattle market?
The argument over the effect of captive supply in price discovery continue.
Industry At A Glance: How fed market volatility has changed
While volatility has always been a part of the fed cattle market, how is it affecting the market now?
fed cattle prices
April fed cattle market not for the weak-hearted 1
Have we seen the highs for the year in the fed cattle market? If we have, what does that mean for calf and feeder cattle prices as 2015 nears the halfway mark?
Industry At A Glance: Will volatility continue with fed cattle basis? 1
Market volatility in fed cattle prices has made basis swings occur more quickly and more unexpectedly. Will that level out or will volatility continue to rule the day?
Industry At A Glance: Placement weight trends indicate feedyards are feeding longer
It appears cattle feeders are more focused on feeding cattle longer and to heavier weights to avoid turnover risk and maintain occupancy.
Industry At A Glance: Heavier cattle weights changing feeders’ breakeven assumptions
How will heavier finish weights influence the feeder cattle market? Market analyst Nevil Speer dives deeper into the breakeven outlook.
Industry At A Glance: How much higher will slaughter weights go? 1
Slaughter weights through March 2015 averaged just over 1,360 pounds. How heavier will slaughter weights go before they begin to plateau?
April cattle futures surge on positive cutout and Fed news
While there are headwinds out in the broader economy, beef products’ improved quality and consistency are helping to buffer against significant setbacks in the market.
Industry At A Glance: Branded Beef Sales
December 29, 2012

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