Mike Apley

Just Do The Common Things Uncommonly Well
As a veterinarian and educator, I sometimes get to see some interesting things being tried in cattle. And, while there have been some significant advances in products we put through a needle, I’m still not aware of the miracle preventive or cure.
Organic math
The self-proclaimed agricultural experts trumpeting a movement to organic production as an industry-wide trend have forgotten a few key points. For example,
Another change in antibiotic use
There are some changes coming in our industry's ability to use antibiotics. Since the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA) went into effect
avoid a wreck from a cattle disease
12 Truths About Bovine Respiratory Disease Wrecks
Bovine respiratory disease is a cattle disease that is a major industry challenge. BEEF veterinarian provides twelve truths about a BRD wreck. Be informed to prevent an expensive wreck on your ranch.
Vet’s Advice: The value of calf health
We've all misread a few trends in life, some of which evolved into forces that drastically changed lives and entire industries. Thirty years ago, who would have thought
Working with your vet is an investment
It's the end of March and you awake to find your cows in an average body condition score of 4.8. Calving is underway and you worry herd fertility will suffer. This is the most costly time
No one knows it all
It's January, and you awake to find your cows in an average body condition score of 4.8. Calving will start soon and you worry herd fertility will suffer.
When things go wrong
I love talking with veterinarians around the country. Sometimes, these conversations focus on working through errors in cattle management, such as vaccination
Vet Advice: When to call for calving assistance
Sooner is better to get a live calf.
Watch for lameness
As we wean calves and move them to feeding facilities, nothing's more frustrating than dodging respiratory disease only to lose a calf to an unresolved
Vet Advice: Injection basics
Review the Beef Quality Assurance practices recommended when administering injections...
Vet Advice: Five disease-prevention tips
Common sense methods to keep disease out of your herd...
Evaluating the evidence
Last October, we talked about wizards and being critical consumers of data presented to support the adoption of a new practice or product (October BEEF,
Wizards among us
The person who first put the concept of wizardry into perspective for me was Louis Perino, DVM, PhD, an original writer of this column and now an MD.
Seven therapy myths
When it comes to treating sick cattle, are we moving forward, or do some of the same old practices remain? I refer to practices I can't find any data

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