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5 Trending Headlines: Gary Smith’s 10 beef industry opportunities, PLUS: National Guard to fight avian flu

From avian influenza to the future direction of the beef business, this week’s headlines will keep you up-to-date on the important and interesting news that affects you.


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California, Nevada ranchers win ESA decision on sage grouse 1
Ranchers in Nevada and California cheer the recent decision not to list the Bi-State sage grouse population.
6 Trending Headlines: Changes in D.C. that you need to know; PLUS: Cow nutrition is vital to the fetus
A growing body of evidence suggests that supplementing cows during pregnancy offers benefits far beyond just cow body condition. And things are happening in a land far away from your pastures that may change the beef business for the good.
5 Trending Headlines: Heifer nutrition critical post-breeding, PLUS: a former environmental activist speaks out
Springtime means grazing time. Here are tips on how to better utilize your forage resources.
6 Trending Headlines: Tips for better pastures, PLUS: Jimmy Buffet was right 2
Here are some tips for better pasture management, plus vindication for all you cheeseburger lovers out there. Those news bites and more are waiting for you in this week’s trending headlines.
6 Trending Headlines: How to extend your grazing season; PLUS: horses in the cemetery?
From the trenches of Washington D.C. to a cemetery high in the mountains of Colorado, the news making headlines for the beef industry is sure to educate and entertain you.
5 Trending Headlines: Heifer gives birth to quadruplets, PLUS: 5 cattle handling tips
What are the odds that asset of quadruplet calves will all be born alive? Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moo are proof that even the greatest of odds can be beat.
baby calf
UNL offers practicum on ranching, range management
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln ranching practicum will bring boots-on-the-ground science to progressive ranchers. The year-long course at the Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory will provide hands-on, practical education.
Crossbreeding gets you more than just hybrid vigor 3
Crossbreeding has long been touted as the only free lunch in the cattle business. But the “something for nothing” benefit of a planned crossbreeding system goes beyond just hybrid vigor.
Credit: Stephanie Frey / ThinkStock
5 Trending Headlines: Are farmers to blame for daylight saving time? PLUS: Animal disease traceability now in full effect
From animal disease traceability, to continued strength in beef demand to myths about daylight saving time (hint—it’s not farmers’ fault), here’s a rundown of news to keep you up to date.
Beef steak
Beef organizations agree on beef checkoff enhancements

It appears that improvements to the national $1-per-head beef checkoff program are coming closer to reality with a March 13 announcement that seven national organizations, members of the Beef Checkoff Enhancement Working Group (BCEWG), signed a revised memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding agreed-upon enhancements to the national beef checkoff program.

Where BVD persistent infection is concerned, it only takes one
Catching and preventing persistent infection with bovine viral diarrhea in your herd starts with a biosecurity mindset.
6 Trending Headlines: Will this El Niño be enough?; PLUS: What your vet looks for in a bull
Spring is just around the corner. Here is some news you can use on what to expect for spring rains, plus what you can do to get your pastures ready.
BEEF readers aim to harvest more hay in 2015 than in the past
Exclusive survey of BEEF readers indicates that respondents aim to harvest more hay in 2015 than in the past.
6 trending headlines: The cost of skinny cows; Plus, is a megadrought looming?
Almost all producers have, at some time or another, battled drought. Are the droughts of the past few years just a warm-up for what’s yet to come?

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