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cattle at water
North Dakota court partially blocks WOTUS implementation
District Court ruling on EPA Waters of the U.S. rule affects 13 states.
Sage Grouse
Ranchers applaud USDA’s $211 million for sage grouse conservation
Ranchers, USDA partner in effort to keep cattle and wildlife on the land.
Keep up on market trends with beefmagazine.com
Weekly audio reports keep you updated on trends in the feeder cattle and slaughter cow markets.
6 Trending Headlines: Beta agonists get a pass, PLUS: Ranchers look to recover after devastating wildfires
As wildfires burn the West, the heat ratchets up in Washington over how federal lands are managed. That and more tops the news of interest in this week’s Trending Headlines.
6 Trending Headlines: Are COOL figures overblown? PLUS: What to expect for fall calf prices
The U.S. mandatory country-of-origin labeling (COOL) dispute heads back to the World Trade Organization next month. Canada and Mexico are seeking more than $3 billion in retaliatory tariffs against a wide range of U.S. exports. The U.S. claims those figures are overblown.
Did EPA engage in illegal activities to push WOTUS? Beef Roundtable investigates 1
This month’s web-based video podcasts, now available at beefmagazine.com and beefroundtable.com, features a look at the controversy surrounding the Waters of the U.S. rule with Steve Foglesong, past NCBA president, and Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.
August 2015: 4 new beef industry products
The latest new products for agriculture professionals and beef producers.
13 new utility tractors for the ranch in 2015
Every rancher needs a hand. Here’s a sample of what’s available for the ranch and farm in the 40- to 100-hp range of utility tractors, plus a sampling of what’s available in skid steer loaders.
If you can’t make money on healthy calves, you sure can’t on sick calves 2
Over the last 10 years, feedyards have seen an alarming increase in death loss, particularly so in the last three years. What does that mean to you?
6 Trending Headlines: More feeder cattle this fall? PLUS: Watch for pinkeye and foot rot in wet pastures
When will more heifers in the breeding herd mean more feeder cattle in feedyards? Maybe as early as this fall. That information and more awaits you in this week’s Trending Headlines.
How much will a trich infection cost you? The numbers aren’t pretty
Trich is a silent thief—silent, that is, until a rancher with a herd chronically infected with trich realizes just how much money could have been pocketed if the herd was clean. Here’s a look at the numbers.
6 Trending Headlines: Bearish Cattle On Feed report, PLUS: 15 ag technologies that will change the world
This week’s Trending Headlines features a look at 15 emerging technologies that will change the world, plus a look at the latest Cattle on Feed report and USDA’s midyear Cattle Report.
calf in tall grass
USDA pegs July 1 cattle inventory 2% higher
As expected, beef heifer retention is well underway.
Industry leaders propose updated Long Range Plan 2
New beef industry Long Range Plan establishes roadmap for 2016-2020.
5 Trending Headlines: All hail El Niño, PLUS: How a bull apprehends robbery suspect
From the unique to the flat out funny, this week’s Trending Headlines gives you the weather report, the crime report and the market report, all wrapped up into one interesting read.

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