Western Grasslands, Inc., is seeking U.S. ranchers to raise cattle for its Western Grassfed Beef™ program. The protocols include: Cattle must be 51% Red or Black Angus breed, 75% or more Angus is preferred. No Brahman influence.

Moderate-framed, early-maturing, high-marbling and high rib-eye area are favored.

Born and Raised in the USA(R) certification.

No artificial growth hormones, promotants or steroids.

Animals must be raised on natural grasses, legumes or range forage. Grass, alfalfa or other legume hays are permitted. No supplemental grains or animal byproducts.

Organic program cattle must graze on organic pastures certified by a USDA-accredited certifying agency.

Follow humane animal treatment guidelines.

Health-promoting animal management practices, including pasture rotation, vaccination and low-stress handling, are encouraged.

Animals will spend at least 30 days in an approved conditioning facility before processing. Cattle must achieve weights of 1,100-1,200 lbs. and be under 20 months of age at finish time. For more info, contact Wayne Langston at 530-253-1193 or 530-310-1196, or e-mail langstoncattle@frontiernet.net. -- Western Grasslands release