About 70 family and consumer science (FACS) teachers from across the state attended an educational workshop coordinated last month by the Kansas Beef Council (KBC). During the event, held at Sysco Foodservice headquarters in Kansas City, Sysco Chef John Landry led a presentation titled “Perk Up Your Taste Buds.” His comments focused on pairing beef with umami-rich foods for a great beef-eating experience.

Teachers learned about taste vs. flavor. Landry taught them how the various tastes of sweet, sour, bitter and salty work together in synergistic fashion when paired with beef to heighten flavor intensity. The information was packaged in a format allowing FACS teachers to use it for educational purposes in the classroom.

KBC works with FACS teachers on a regular basis. Checkoff dollars are offered to FACS instructors to teach courses on beef cookery. In addition to the financial support, classroom educational materials are available free of charge.

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