Pounds of calf weaned/breeding female is one of the most important variables affecting profitability in a beef cow-calf operation. The reason is simple: beef producers market total pounds produced and have the expense of maintaining cows. The more cows that have a calf, the more pounds of beef that can be marketed.

Producers need to optimize reproductive efficiency in their beef herds to maximize profitability. While many factors, such as nutrition, genetics and herd health impact reproductive performance of a beef herd, reproductive management tools such as estrous synchronization (ES) and artificial insemination (AI) can greatly assist.

By itself, AI offers numerous advantages to producers: the use of genetically superior sires, specific mating and crossbreeding, selection of desirable and marketable production traits, and improved herd health. Likewise, a couple of the advantages of using ES are more condensed breeding and calving periods and increased calf uniformity and weight. Combining the benefits of ES and AI provides a mechanism to improve reproductive efficiency and profitability of a beef operation.

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