Two new utility and sport ATVs are available from Yamaha in 2009. The Grizzly 550 FI (shown) is a mid-size utility ATV with electric power steering, similar to the Grizzly 700 FI model. The Raptor 90 sport ATV is a youth model with an 88cc force air-cooled engine with fully automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT). In addition, Yamaha has made updates to its Grizzly 450 and Raptor 700R models.
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Improved nipple

Wadsworth Manufacturing's rubber nipple features a smaller tip that gets bigger towards the base to assist positioning within a newborn calf's mouth. Designed with softer material and texture to feel more natural, the vent design and broad base works with accordion-style ribs to open and shut with movement. That helps more aggressive calves get the air needed to drink faster. Nipples go on with a simple push and can be recycled.
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Feed enhancer

Kemin Industries Lysoforte biosurfactant is a nutricine that assists in fat absorption by facilitating the emulsification of fat in feed. For use in livestock and poultry feeds, it increases energy utilization and assists in absorption of other fat-soluble nutrients and vitamins. Use as either an additional ingredient to enhance absorption of added fat, or use partially to replace oil or fat being added to diets.
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Bidirectional tractor

TV6070 Bidirectional tractor features a 6.7L engine and an eight-range transmission. The TV6070 can be operated cab-end or engine-end first. Both ends of the tractor can be equipped with a 3-point hitch, PTO systems, hydraulic valves and drawbars.
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Welding accessories

Hobart Welding Products introduces a series of heavy-duty clamps and fit-up magnets in varying strength for most welding situations. The lineup includes F-Clamps, 2-Axis Clamp, Locking Pliers/Welding Clamps, 360° Swivel Magnet, Magnetic Ground Clamp and Quick Release On/Off Magnet.
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Cowboy shopping

Windstorm Ranch offers custom saddles, chaps, awards, working tack and ranch décor made in the USA by master craftsmen, toolers and silversmiths. Coupled with friendly service and love for the ranch lifestyle, Windstorm Ranch ( is a one-stop cowboy shop.
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