Rodent-proof feed box

Universal Package Systems introduces two plastic, rodent-proof feed containers: a hopper style and pallet size top-dipping style. Both are made from molded plastic and sealed with high-density polyethylene.

The hopper-style container is filled from the top. An adjustable sliding gate is used to open and close the discharge chute and the inside of the container is angled at 45° to dispense feed. The container can be mounted on custom-built stands or is available with a stock metal stand with a weight capacity of 2,000 lbs., footprint sizes up to 45-by-48 in., and 50-in. high.

Top-dipping containers are available in a variety of sizes up to 45-by-48 in. Both alternatives are collapsible for transport.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Organic trace minerals

Zinpro Corp. has completed the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) process review for 4-Plex®E and Zinpro®E. The OMRI listing designates 4-Plex-E and Zinpro-E for use in certified organic feed formulations.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Probiotic for calves

MorindaMax Nutritional Support for Calves is now available from Morinda Agriculture. The all-natural product is based on the Morinda citrifolia (noni) plant that grows wild in French Polynesia. Clinical trials demonstrate noni enhances the immune systems of newborn calves, weanling pigs and broiler chicks by increasing T-cell and phagocytic activity.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Grab fork

Westendorf Manufacturing's Cat Claw CC-184-3D grab fork features 4-in.-sq.-tube top rails and is powered by dual hydraulic cylinders. Dual-action pivot points allow the claw to reach out beyond the bucket, pivot to grab material and pull material into the bucket. It also enables the Cat Claw to open wider to go flush against a wall when cleaning a bunker silo or to handle large round bales.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Drive-through electric gate

The Praktek Electro-Gate allows ranchers to drive through gates without leaving the vehicle. The gate is made of flexible glass-fiber rods covered in electrically conductive rubber. Electro-Gate can be incorporated into an existing electric fence system, or operated separately from its own stand-alone energizer. Units are available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 12- and 16-ft. lengths.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Heavy-duty harrows

The HRB 103 Series power harrows from Kuhn North America are designed for use in moderate to heavy soils. Featuring a dependable gearbox, heavy-duty frame construction, all-gear drive and forged tines, they're available in working widths of 9 ft., 10 in.; 11 ft., 6 in.; and 13 ft., 1 in. The harrows complement tractors sizes with 60- to 160-hp engines.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Color change

Effective this fall, Kuhn North America's Kuhn Knight-brand products are changing from a gold paint color to red. Kuhn Knight-brand commercial products will continue to be painted gray.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Gas-powered utility vehicle

Kubota's gas-powered RTV500 compact utility vehicle is 54.7 in. wide and 72 in. tall. It features a 15.8-hp, liquid-cooled, two-cylinder Kubota gas engine, four-wheel drive and a top speed of 25 mph. At 1,278 lbs., the RTV500 can handle 440 lbs., or 9 cu. ft., in its metal, dumping cargo box and tow up to 1,100 lbs.
(Circle Reply Card No. 108)

Simple wire welder

Miller Electric's Millermatic® 140 with Auto-Set is an all-in-one MIG welder. The user inputs the wire diameter and material thickness, and the patent-pending Auto-Set technology automatically sets the wire feed speed and voltage to achieve optimal results. Available with or without Auto-Set technology, the Millermatic 140 provides spatter-free starts through Miller's Smooth-Start technology. The Auto-Set feature works with C25 gas and either 0.024 or 0.030 solid wire.
(Circle Reply Card No. 109)

Hot-water pressure washers

Hotsy's Gas Engine Series of hot-water pressure washers are drive-belt operated for mobility. The standard model is equipped with a trailer-mount chassis convertible to portable with two wheels and two casters. A four-wheel pressure washer kit is offered with pneumatic tires for portability on gravel surfaces. There's also a skid unit that can be moved by forklift. All washer models are designed with a triplex belt-drive pump, have 3,000-3,500 PSI of water pressure and a 4.6-gpm flow volume.
(Circle Reply Card No. 110)

Nutrient applicators

John Deere's 2510 Series is a complete line of nutrient applicators designed to deliver consistent, reliable nitrogen fertilizer. The 2510H is for high-speed application with low soil disturbance, the 2510C is for conventional application, and the 2510S is for strip-till/conservation tillage applications.
(Circle Reply Card No. 111)