Auction markets in drought-ravaged areas have reported double and triple volume recently as feed-short operators have been forced to send cattle to market. Flooding has also taken a toll in certain parts of the U.S. This week’s online poll question at is: “If you had to liquidate cattle this year because of flooding or drought, what do you plan to do with the proceeds?

  • Restock with cows when conditions improve
  • Restock but change production models
  • Keep the cash; leave the business
  • Reinvest the cash in another non-livestock ag enterprise
  • Don’t know

By the way, last week’s online poll question, “What’s your opinion on the debt ceiling measure signed by President Obama?” drew more than 135 responses. The vast majority (86%) were “disappointed” in the compromise, while 3% were “happy,” 7% were “neutral,” and 2% didn’t know.

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