The changing face of agriculture in a global economy has induced many farm organizations to share ideas - sometimes across continents.

Last month, through the collaboration of Rupiper Travel of Yankton, a group of 28 Brazilian cattle ranchers made their way through cattle country in eastern Nebraska and South Dakota to learn about the U.S. cattle industry.

"These cattlemen are looking for new ideas," said Larry Rupiper, the group's host for the tour, as the Brazilian contingent toured Stockmen's Livestock Auction in Yankton.

With very limited English, the Portuguese-speaking cattlemen relied on their translator, Ricardo Silva. The group's participants were all members and officers of an organization known as Famato -the Brazilian equivalent of Farm Bureau - from the state Mato Grosso in Brazil.

"The Famato group is the country's foremost farming and ranching support organization," Rupiper said.

Famato president Rui Prado said that the globalization of markets is changing many aspects of agriculture.

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