Seated at his kitchen counter in a checked flannel shirt, his weathered hands clasping a coffee mug as he waxes nostalgic about ranching days gone by, Cletus "Lucky" Gravette could pass for a picture from an Old Western serial.

Of course, that's just the sort of dolled-up description that would probably evoke an aw-shucks grin from the Arkansas native, who has spent most of his 78 years quietly raising cattle in the hills overlooking the Livermore Valley near Little Rock.

"I'm not used to this celebrity stuff," Gravette says, his blue eyes twinkling.

Though he has a devilish sense of humor, he adheres to an unwritten cowboy code of privacy. Don't ask how many cattle he has on his 300-acre Tesla Road ranch, because, as his wife, Terese, puts it, "That's like asking someone how much money they have in the bank."

As to why Gravette thinks he was chosen as grand marshal for the 93rd annual Livermore Rodeo Parade, Terese answers promptly for him: "Because he's probably the oldest living cowboy!"

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