Most all cattle are out to pasture now and fortunately most of the Intermountain High Plains area has received great moisture. Although the pastures are slow in getting started, it appears we are starting off with a great grazing season. Many are making decisions on proper mineral supplementation.

Before addressing this subject, I would like to bring you up to date, at least to my knowledge, on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the National 4-H Conference situation. As you will remember, the National 4-H group under the USDA made a mistake and invited HSUS to present a program to our 4-H youth at a national conference. It is my understanding that HSUS handed out some very biased information that told the youth the various ways they could encourage others to become vegetarians and how to take action to promote their cause. The publication also gave procedures that could be used to attack the “factory farms.”

Many in the industry, including myself, were very vocal in demanding an apology from the National 4-H leadership to the livestock industry. Most felt that was the least they could do and denounce any recognition that HSUS is a credible and unbiased source of information. They have chosen to neither apologize nor to respond to those who have requested information. They did say the complaints received went to an information-gathering service. I guess it should be no surprise that our comments and concerns went unanswered. One might ask, were they even considered? It seems to have a familiar ring as other issues that are raised to the federal level.

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