During the week I'm chairman and CEO of a large national food company dealing with dairy products. I've been in the business 38 years and have run plants, conversion facilities and various distribution companies. I've dealt with a myriad of regulatory bodies across the country at the county, state and federal level. And on weekends, I head to our cow-calf operation.

I was appalled by the video and can only wonder what "tree-hugging city slickers" must think. People who would do that to a living animal should not be part of the food industry. I have fired men who hauled cattle and showed up at the delivery point with stressed, thirsty and lame critters.

The bottom line for me is we all have to self-regulate. I do things in my operation that no one will ever see, but when I face the man upstairs, I want to look him in the eye and let him know that each of the many animals that have passed through my hands were given the best treatment irregardless of their ultimate destination.

We all must be regulators. We must regulate ourselves, and be a positive influence as we contribute to the food chain. When someone gets caught and the overkill begins, I frankly have no pity for any of them. They are merely reaping what they have sown. Everyone involved in letting such conditions such as those in California exist should be ashamed. We are our own worst enemy in this case.
Bing Graffunder
Mt. Vernon, TX