Make your predictions for feedyard health, feed efficiency and carcass value/cwt.

The contest consists of five pens of cattle fed in a commercial feedyard. The test is to rank these pens from best to worst for the following three categories.

- Pen average feedyard health status will be based on the total dollars spent on treating sickness in each pen. This total will then be put on a per head basis. Fewer dollars spent for treatment per head is better.

- Pen average feedyard efficiency is the feed-to-gain ratio determined by dividing total pounds of feed consumed by the pen by the pounds of weight gain by the pen. This will be put on a dry matter basis.

- Pen average carcass value per cwt. of carcass weight will be calculated taking into account carcass quality grade, yield grade, carcass weights and discounted carcasses.

The tie breaker question will be an estimate of the range in carcass weight (lbs.) from the heaviest to the lightest carcass in Pen 4.