Rust-Free Sheeted Sweep

Priefert's powder-coated Revolution sheeted sweep features a 6-ft. height, easy-adjust alley (18- to 28-in. widths), adjustable height options on alley panels, elimination of “cow trap” and simplified assembly. Catwalks are unnecessary, and an optional, gated alley panel for use as a preg-test cage or reversed as a sorting gate is available.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Groomer Swivel Bracket

Coburn Company's Swivel Bracket fits all Coburn cattle groomer/scratchers. By pulling one pin, the groomer swings flat to the wall to clean the area with a skid steer. The groomer/scratchers are heavy-duty, spring-mounted brushes that comfortably remove lice, flies and winter hair. Some models include a solution tank for dispersing oil-based insecticide solution onto the animal's back.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Multi-Calf Nursing

Economically nurse a number of calves at the same time with Coburn Company's Excal Multi-Feeder Nursing System. The system works by attaching Excal nipples to an empty, 15-gal. drum. The nipple options include a fast flow nipple that creates a pump-like effect when the calf bites onto it, and a gravity nipple for bottom placement.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Box Spreader

Kuhn Knight's Model 1150 box spreader has a 500 heaped-cu.-ft. capacity and features hydraulic drive, dual apron and two, 20-in.-diameter, heavy-duty, rooster-comb beaters with replaceable beater paddles. Five models are available, ranging from 300- to 700-heaped cu. ft.
(Circle Reply Card No. 000)

Two-Punch Inoculant

Lower dry matter losses and enhanced animal performance are Pioneer Hi-Bred International's claims on its 11C33 inoculant. The unique blend of Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus buchneri strains provides higher quality forage with longer storage and bunk life, the company says, by improving the lactic acid to acetic acid ratio. This reduces growth of harmful yeast and mold species to improve aerobic stability and keep silage fresher and cooler in storage and in the feed bunk.
(Circle Reply Card No. 000)

Fly Collar

Cow Fly Collar is the latest addition to R&R Enterprises's “Defy the Fly” line of EPA-compliant, all-natural, insect-repelling products of horse fly collars, horse fly leg bands, and dog fly collars lasting up to 2 months. The 2 3/8-in.-wide collar contains geraniol, citronella and cedar oil and offers two-month, head-and-neck area insect protection. It features a five-pair snap adjustment for a proper and secure fit, and flexible sizing for neck measurements of 32 to 40 in.
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Novartis Web Site

The Novartis Animal Vaccines, Inc. Web site is designed to help producers and veterinarians easily navigate a variety of animal health problems and solutions. Organized by species, the site features product, disease and health program information for beef, dairy and swine.
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SubQ-Only Approval

Novartis Animal Vaccines, Inc. announces USDA approval for subQ-only (subcutaneous) administration of several of its Vira Shield® products. The label change, which minimizes chances of injection-site damage to the animal, covers the products Vira Shield 5, Vira Shield 5+L5, Vira Shield 4, Vira Shield 4+L5, Vira Shield 3, Vira Shield 2+BRSV and Syn ShieldTM.
(Circle Reply Card No. 000)

Data Management

Global Animal Management Inc., a Schering-Plough Animal Health subsidiary, introduces MetrixPro‘ family data management services for the food animal industry. The Windows-based software include MetrixPro BeefMetrix‘ DE/ME and MetrixPro ChutePlus‘ DE. The first allows producers to register and track health events of cattle, while the latter is designed for flexible collecting of cattle processing records at the ranch or feedlot. Meanwhile, the MetrixPro GAM‘ Portal is a Web-based application platform that provides secure warehousing, analysis and reporting of relevant business data.
(Circle Reply Card No 000)

Aluminum Hub Needles

Cotran Corporation introduces a new line of disposable hypodermic needles. Featuring aluminum hubs for more durability than poly hub models, the needles come individually cased in a hard plastic container, 100/box. Various sizes ranging from 14 ga. × 2 to 20 ga. × 1 are available.
(Circle Reply Card No. 000)