McDonald's marketing executives convened a war council recently to discuss an impending attack on its reputation and bottom line, reports. The adversary is a familiar one, Eric Schlosser, author of the 2001 best-seller “Fast Food Nation.”

Schlosser plans a movie version for release later this year, as well as another book. The book, “Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food,” is set for May release and is aimed at middle-school children.

While McDonald's managed to weather an earlier documentary, “Super Size Me,” says the fast-food king is, “worried about a backlash.” The movie version of “Fast Food Nation” is a fictionalized drama set in a small Colorado town with a meatpacking plant, and is expected to make obvious allusions to the company, including a restaurant chain called Mickey's, the report says. It's believed the film targets meat producers, the supply chain, marketing, stores, employees and animal treatment.