The North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) says its new tagging program — LimMark — will help Limousin users ID their cattle and position themselves for greater returns in the data-driven cattle markets.

Commercial producers can order up to 50 tags for each registered and transferred Limousin-influenced bull in their current inventories. Producers can order visual-only tags for $1.10 each, or matched sets of RFID and visual tags for $3.25 each. Each large, sky-blue visual tag has a laser-inked Limousin logo; a unique, 15-digit animal ID number; and optional, producer-designated in-herd number. Producers must specify a range of in-herd numbers when ordering; blank tags for hand-written numbers are also available.

To order tags, contact Bo Sexson at or 303/220-1693. For more, visit