Bobcat Co. broke into the utility vehicle market in 2002, with its 2100 series. In 2006, Bobcat improved its utility vehicle concept, introducing the 2300 4×4, with its RapidLink attachment system — a hydraulic arm controlled with a joystick from the operator area.

The RapidLink attachment arm can lift loads up to 500 lbs. as high as 2 ft. Five attachments to fit the arm are currently available — a bucket, mower, pallet fork, snow blade and whisker push broom — with more attachments to come. The hydraulic arm is easily removed when not in use.

“We're seeing a trend in the ag market toward utility vehicles and away from the ATVs, because utility vehicles can haul more supplies and fit two or more people more comfortably,” says a Bobcat rep.

The 20-hp Bobcat 2300 uses the IntelliTrak system, standard on the utility vehicle, which automatically sends power to all four wheels when maximum traction is needed for climbing hills or traveling soft terrain. The vehicle can speed up to 25 mph and the transmission system eliminates the need for shifting gears.

Other features include a rustproof aluminum frame, adjustable steering wheel and seat for maximum comfort, a power cargo dump box with an 800-lb. load capacity, and a hitch for added towing capacity.

Bobcat also offers the 2200S, a four-wheel drive, four-passenger utility vehicle that includes four forward-facing seats.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Nutritional supplements

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica offers Bovikalc® calcium boluses and Diaque nutritional supplement for calves. Bovikalc is an oral nutritional supplement for cows in need of increased calcium levels. Diaque provides calves a source of energy and electrolytes. It's highly palatable, encourages stressed calves to eat, and can be fed with milk to increase nutritional intake or mixed with milk replacer or warm water.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Hand-held tag reader

Farnam and New Z® Tags introduce a portable radio-frequency ID (RFID) tag recorder to track cattle no matter their location. The LTS Tag Recorder is a Palm®-based PDA with an integrated RFID reader and data accumulator. It functions as a stand-alone unit in the field and comes with a user-definable software interface that can be customized with several sets of data collection fields to suit individual operations' needs. Sealed against water and dust, the unit is useable in any environment.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Yeast supplement

Biomate® YC-20 Yeast Concentrate from CHR Hansen, is a highly concentrated and science-supported yeast product. Because of its high concentration, it's fed at only 2.5 g/head/day. Research studies show the specific live-yeast strain supports rumen bacteria and enhances activity. It also improved gas production, suggesting a positive effect on early fermentation and possibly greater dry matter intake.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Loading chute

LT Ranch Supply LLC, introduces the LT Dock/Groundload Conversion, a loading chute for livestock trailers that converts from a ground-load position to dock-load positions. The design means a second vehicle isn't needed to haul a loading chute to the field.

The chute can be fitted to a straight or potbelly trailer, adds only 3 ft. of length and converts in less than 60 seconds. The chute is made of either aluminum or steel, and equipped with lights and reflective tape.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)