Grinder mixer

Frontier Equipment claims its GX1117 Grinder Mixer saves time, money and effort in mixing livestock feed. Self-contained hydraulics eliminate the need for drive belts, chains and gear clusters, and the 14-in. mixing auger can be equipped with an optional weigh scale for consistent, accurate mixing. In addition, a 135-bu. capacity and a large cab-controlled unloading auger allows for easy filling of bins and feeders.

The grinder mixer also comes equipped with a 21-in.-wide, PTO-driven hammer mill and eight-section banded v-belt for a positive drive.

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Updated website

Destron Fearing, a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of electronic radio frequency and visual ID devices, has updated its website. The new site features enhanced product data and more detailed international sales contact information. This new website provides an effective resource for individuals to gain information regarding cutting-edge technology in the world of animal ID. Visit or call 1-800-328-0118.

Sickle-bar mower

Frontier Equipment's SB3108 Sickle-Bar Mower boasts all the features of the SB11 Series, but the 92-in. cutting swath offers 23 in. of additional cutting width. The cutting arm ensures a ground-level cut by flexing from 75-90° to handle the most challenging cutting conditions, with cutting height easily set via adjustable skid shoes on the cutterbar. Compatible with 25- to 50-hp tractors, its PTO-powered sickle bar is belt driven with a manual tension adjustment, while bolt-on cutterbar knives can be individually removed and replaced quickly in the field.

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ATV models

Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., introduces its full 2010 model year ATV product line, including a new sport ATV designed specifically with the trail rider in mind, the YFZ450X. In total, Yamaha will produce 17 ATV models for 2010, including its Grizzly utility line and Raptor and YFZ sport lines. The YFZ450X is new to Yamaha's sport ATV line and replaces the original YFZ450 for tight woods and trail riding. It is 46.1 in. wide with optimized suspension, fuel injection and a cast aluminum-steel hybrid frame.

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Revolutionary forage

Masters Choice Research and Development division has created an alternate route to lower feed costs — MasterGraze BMR. It's a high sugar level, specialty forage that can be harvested in many versatile ways including grazing, haylage or balage. The forage's extensive tiller network brings massive amounts of feed tonnage per acre compared to summer sudans, while the brown mid-rib characteristics make the tonnage more digestible than other silage varieties. Lab analysis shows MasterGraze BMR has protein levels of 15-20% and low lignin content, making the whole plant up to 30% higher in digestibility than other forages.

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Handheld weighing

ClicRweight claims its handheld cattle-weighing device accurately calculates a single animal's weight by using optical imaging technology to acquire a three-dimensional image of an animal from a distance of 10-15 ft. While conventional scales are mechanical, require maintenance and calibration, and often necessitate transportation of cattle to a weighing facility, the company says the ClicRweight optical weighing device seamlessly and easily incorporates into existing business practices, saving money and time and reducing stress for both ranchers and cattle.

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iPhone/iPod apps

Would you like to know the projected breakeven and cost of gain for a lot of cattle, any place or anytime? Just download the Cattle Breakeven Calculation App from the iTunes App Store to an iPhone/iPod touch. Then input several pieces of information to calculate projected breakevens, cost of gain, days on feed, ADG and estimated ship date plus more.

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High-volume rake

An operating speed as high as 15 mph allows New Holland's H5980 heavy-duty wheel rake to meet the rigorous demands of hay growers requiring high-speed, high-volume, flat-land raking. Eight, 60-in. raking wheels on the left side and nine on the right rake an area up to 30 ft., 3 in. wide, and the offset design turns all the crop, ensuring uniform drydown. With no center kicker wheel, the operator can drive faster, and convenient hydraulic adjustment allows the operator to change windrow width from the tractor seat to produce a finished windrow as wide as 72 in.

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Cob harvester

Vermeer Corporation offers a limited number of CCX770 Cob Harvesters for the 2009 harvest season. The CCX770 is self-contained and tows directly behind select corn-harvesting combines to collect and unload cobs. Because the CCX770 has its own engine, it minimizes undue stress on qualified combines.

The cob harvester's patented separation system redistributes leaves and husks back to the soil for a sustainable approach to harvest agricultural biomass. It offers unloading capabilities from 9 ft., 7 in. to 15 ft., 6 in. maximum dump height, holds up to 8,000 lbs./load of material, and unloads in 90 seconds.

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