When veterinarians were asked which of the services they provided they considered most valuable to their clients, palpation for pregnancy examination topped the list at 92.8%. Second was whole-herd health consultation at 85.5%, followed by supplying animal health products at 77.1%, providing labor to assist with animal processing at 47%, formulation of balanced rations at 13.3%, and marketing consultation also at 13.3%.

Meanwhile, veterinarians cited their ability to meet the farm’s needs as the number-one reason (51.8%) that clients decided to retain their services. Quality of information provided was second at 26.5%, followed by variety of services offered by the clinic at 15.7%, and price of services at 6%.

One veterinarian suggested: “Producers should focus on using their vet appropriately. Many people don’t use them enough. Cheaper isn’t always better. We have more than preg-check skills.”