Former Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa appeared before the Senate Ag Committee this week regarding his nomination as USDA Secretary. The priorities Vilsack mentioned to the committee that he plans to pursue as USDA Secretary were:

  • To administer a robust farm safety net and create real and meaningful opportunities for farmers and ranchers to succeed;
  • To guarantee that the communities where those farmers and ranchers live can grow and prosper;
  • To help families that struggle to make ends meet put food on the table;
  • To place America at the forefront of efforts to aggressively address energy independence and global climate change;
  • To enhance the safety of the food supply and reduce the incidence of foodborne illness;
  • To work with those who seek programs and practices that lead to more nutritious food produced in a sustainable way; and
  • To preserve and protect our national resources – our land, water, and forests.
The Senate is expected to approve Vilsack’s nomination next week.