Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), chair of the Rural Outreach for the Senate Democratic Caucus, announced Senate Democrats’ “rural agenda” for the 111th Congress. Key areas are:

  • Health care – provide rural Americans with access to affordable, quality health care.
  • Education – offer rural students an opportunity to excel in the classroom through education policy that recognizes the unique challenges for rural schools.
  • Economic development – promote economic development programs and initiatives to give rural communities the tools needed for success in a changing global economy.
  • Agriculture – supporting family farmers, ranchers and producers as a vital part of the rural economy.
  • Energy and natural resources – promote rural America as a leader in the development of renewable energy technologies that will help stimulate the rural economy, while preserving our environment for future generations.
  • Veterans and National Guard – ensure that our nation’s veterans and service members are provided with benefits and services worthy of their sacrifices.
  • Rural law enforcement and homeland security – equip first responders with the training and tools necessary to protect rural communities.
  • Infrastructure – invest in infrastructure in order to create jobs and build a sustainable rural economy.