A bill that would restrict the growth of the Indiana livestock industry has died in the Indiana legislature. For the second year in a row, bills have been introduced into the Indiana General Assembly that would have established setbacks on livestock farms. But as Bob Kraft told Hoosier Ag Today, in a surprise move, the measure was killed on the House floor after passing of the House Ag Committee, “House Bill 1161 authored by Reprehensive Phil Pflum, would have established a 2 mile setback from any State Park or body of water owned or managed by the state. This would include lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. After considerable floor debate, the House voted 57 to 40 against the legislation.” Kraft calls this a major victory for Indiana agriculture.

A similar bill had been introduced in the State Senate where Senator Beverly Gard, chairman of the Environmental Committee, had indicated she would not hold a hearing on the bill. Indiana livestock groups and Farm Bureau have opposed these efforts to regulate livestock operations. Kraft said Farm Bureau is pleased with the House action.

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