The national average price for regular gasoline continued to move higher for the week ending April 20, increasing almost 1¢ to $2.06/gal., but $1.45 less than the price a year ago, reports the U.S. Energy Information Administration (USEIA). Meanwhile, diesel was down by nearly 1¢ for the week to $2.22/gal., $1.92 below the price a year ago.

For the week, gasoline was up 1.4¢ on the East Coast to $2.04, while the Midwest, Gulf Coast and West essentially remained flat at $2.01, $1.97 and $2.28, respectively. The Rocky Mountains were up by more than 4¢ to $2.05, while California averaged $2.34.

With the exception of the Rocky Mountain region, diesel was down across the nation, shedding 1¢ on the East Coast ($2.26) and Midwest ($2.10). The Gulf Coast was down 2¢ to $2.19, and the Rocky Mountains increased more than 2¢ to $2.27. The West Coast and California each shed about 1¢ to $2.33 and $2.34, respectively.