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Keith Hansen On The Value of Cattle Implants

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Implants continue to be the most cost-effective and proven technology available to producers for improving feed efficiency and gain in cattle. The minimal investment needed to implant is nothing compared to the high returns producers are seeing from using this technology, especially with cattle prices at record levels.

Keith Hansen, Consulting Nutritionist from Nutrition Service Associates, discusses the value of implanting cattle and factors to consider when developing implant protocols to maximize producer gains in today’s market.

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Wally Hooper (not verified)
on Aug 27, 2014

Yep nothing like putting growth hormones into healthy cattle. Of course if you are producing Stud stock you will be penalized and if you are producing commercial cattle you can't sell them until 90days after the chip has run it's course. I have seen my neighbors use implants for years and we never have and in the long run we always did as well if not better when it came to sales. Of course Elanco are saying that implants are great and beneficial because to them they are. More bucks for the chemical companies, more trouble for the producer. People already don't trust the meat industry because of chemical concerns and now Elanco want us to use their implants. Up to you whether you do or not but we will stick to producing cattle the natural way.

Bryan greve (not verified)
on Aug 27, 2014


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