May is National Beef Month and the checkoff’s retail program is collaborating with retail grocery stores across the country to boost the summer grilling season.

  • A Cinco de Mayo promotion with Snyder’s Of Hanover® Tortilla Chips will include in-store displays featuring an instant redeemable coupon for $2 off beef with the purchase of tortilla chips.
  • In a Healthy Beef Salad promotion with partners Alberto-Culver's Mrs. Dash® and California Cheese®, 50 million coupons for savings off beef will be distributed in Sunday newspaper inserts on May 17.
  • A beer and burger promotion with long-time partners Kraft®A.1.® and Anheuser-Busch® Michelob® beer will continue through June.
  • The checkoff is also once again working with Sutter Home® wine to promote the Build a Better Burger® contest where contestants get to submit recipes for America’s best beef burger for a $50,000 cash prize.
  • A new promotion with Hormel Food’s CHI CHI’s® and Herdez® brands started in April and continues until July 12 (CHI CHI’s® east of the Mississippi and Herdez west of the Mississippi). The promotion includes in-store displays with coupon tear pads and Instant Redeemable Coupons for $2 off beef with the purchase of salsa.
Margie Hande, cow-calf producer from Amidon, ND, and vice chair of the Joint Retail Committee, says: “Our minimal investment is extending the retail program reach to millions of beef customers for the next few months. It’s our hope that through these partnerships and relationships, we can continue to grow demand for our great product and thereby create profit opportunities for producers.”