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Miranda And Carrie – Which One Holds 'Somethin’ Bad' For Ranchers?


Country music sensations Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood both are animal lovers, both have great voices, and the two have collaborated on a new single, "Somethin' Bad." However, one of these singers is actually helping local pet shelters, while the other is bullying ranchers.

Celebrities often endorse charities they believe in, and often even become spokespersons for their causes. One of the most popular causes for celebrities to support is animal rights. For example, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has a “Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year,” award, as well as an “I would rather go naked than wear fur” campaign that features Hollywood’s finest naked derrières.

something bad for ranchers from carrie underwoodSome celebrities throw their cash and lend their fame on behalf of organizations like PETA or the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) -- non-profits that target animal agriculture. Other celebrities choose to endorse groups that actually help animals.

A case in point is Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. The two recently released a single, “Somethin’ Bad.” But the only “bad thing” I see about their collaboration is that Lambert hasn’t convinced Underwood that she’s not really helping animals by supporting HSUS.


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I wish Underwood would participate in Lambert’s most-recent campaign to help animals. Lambert has partnered with Pedigree Adoption Drive to help local shelters, such as the one in her hometown of Tishomingo, OK, which was desperate to keep its doors open. Since 2008, Pedigree has donated more than 20 million lbs. of food to animal shelters.  

“I’m so happy to continue my partnership with Pedigree Adoption Drive,” says Lambert. “To further help shelter dogs, they’re transforming shelters across the U.S., including my very own hometown shelter! It’s all about helping those dogs in these enclosures and helping them find homes.”

For each story shared on social media, Pedigree has promised to feed a shelter dog in need. Folks can share their videos, like Lambert’s below, using the hashtag #dogtales to participate in this program.

I realize this post isn’t directly related to the cattle business, but I encourage you to spread the word that HSUS is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and wastes donor funds on salaries, pension plans, frivolous lawsuits of circuses, and litigation against ranchers. While its fundraising implies it helps homeless animals, helping local shelters barely raises a blip in HSUS’s balance sheet. Support charities that have their boots on the ground and are actually helping animals.

As for me, I won’t be listening to “Somethin’ Bad” by Underwood and Lambert when it comes on the radio, but I sure will sing along to Lambert’s songs, when she sings alone or with her hunting, meat-loving husband Blake Shelton. I hope you will join me in spending your dollars wisely and supporting celebrities who aren’t actively working to put you out of business.

What do you think about Lambert’s recent campaign? Do you think her common sense might rub off on Underwood? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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Anonymous8989 (not verified)
on Jul 16, 2014

Excuse me!! Carrie Underwood actually has had her own organisation to care for the animals, namely CATS! Do your research before slamming it on Carrie!

on Jul 16, 2014

You're part right, A8989. According to the CATS website:
The C.A.T.S. Foundation (Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation) was established in 2009 to help to improve Checotah, OK (Carrie's hometown), "by assisting with causes, fulfilling needs, and providing services to the community and surrounding area. Funds for the Foundation are raised through public and private donations as a way to support on-going efforts in communal areas as well as aid for the local school system for projects such as updated computer labs to enhance the learning experience, musical instruments and equipment for music education, new playground equipment to promote being active, and the building of a new animal shelter where emphasis is placed on the importance of spay and neutering, pet adoption, and general pet welfare."

Ny4carrie (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

Carrie has been helping out animals and numerous charities for years! This blogger is outright lying and slandering carrie- and has been for years!

Carrie was the celebrity name for Pedigree long before Miranda! There are articles and pictures all over the internet! You are completely slandering her good babe and i hope her team takes legal action against you!!

Carrie has never bullied anyone- much less ranchers! The only bully here is you! You are a cyber bully posting numerous false articles about carrie for some twisted agenda of hate you have for her.

You are not helping your cause with slanderous, misinformed hateful articles like this! The only " cause" you seem to have is to bash carrie!

Carrie just got back from a mission trip to Haiti to help impoverished children. She went to Africa twice to help the poor there.

Carrie flew to Iraq in the middle if the war to sing for the troops as part of the USO!

Her father is a farmer and she supports farmers!

What charity have you done lately to make the world a better place??

Oh wait- you are too busy hating on Carrie Underwood all day to bother with charitable deeds. I forgot it must be a full time job to hate someone 24/7.

Perhaps you should go to a 3rd world country or even the poor areas in the USA to give yourself some perspective on what really matters in life.

I can assure you- you are not making the beef industry look very good with your slander and hate of an innocent girl who has never hurt a fly.

on Jul 21, 2014

I don't doubt that Carrie loves animals, and I never said she didn't do some positive things with her donations. But my the very nature of donating to HSUS, she is actually hurting her father who is a rancher. This is because HSUS uses a lot of its funds to target animal agriculture. Carrie has even got political in the realm of trying to change farming methods, which hasn't gone over well with the ag crowd. I would totally support Carrie if she stuck to donating to charities like Pedigree, which actually helps animals, but the fact that she continues to donate hundreds of thousands to HSUS forces me to not listen to her music. There's nothing slanderous or libelous about it -- just one person's choice to not support someone who gives money to an organization that would like to eliminate animal agriculture.

Christie (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

The point is Carrie Underwood IS endorsing PETA & H$U$! Her supporting shelters in the past is overshadowed by this FACT!

We are on such a downhill slide in our way of thinking about animals these days it is scary to think what farming will look like in another 20 years.

Shame on you Carrie!

Ny4carrie (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

Carrie has NEVER endorsed PETA or worked with them! She posted this on twitter when this same rabid beef organization claimed she worked with PETA. Outright lie and slander yet you people keep buying it without checking facts!

Shame on you for blindly listening to this fraudulent article without checking the facts. And Shame on this blogger for once again allowing her hate for carrie portray the beef industry in such a misinformed slanderous light.

I am sure the owner of beef mag will not be happy when he gets hit with a lawsuit for slander and defamation.

People voted for carrie in a random internet poll for sexiest vegetarian once. She had no part of the poll and is not a member of PETA.

Check the facts before you bash and bully people!

Cyber bullying is a crime!!

CountryShmusic (not verified)
on Jul 18, 2014

You sir need to get a life that does not involve this weird obsession that you seem to have with Carrie Underwood. It's nice of you to defend her but I'm sure she doesn't care. The point is that she supports HSUS and from where I sit that's a sad thing. She also helped blackball a Tennessee bill, having the arrogance to assume that her stance against it alone was enough for the governor of that state - that she has no true affiliation with, their rich country music history doesn't count where the actual country/rural areas are concerned - to veto the bill after it was passed on to his desk. That shows how supportive of farmers she is when it comes to helping push HSUS' message. And if it's her message and has nothing to do with them, well that's even more reason to be disappointed in her as a "Country" star.

on Jul 17, 2014

I have felt this way about Carrie Underwood for a long time due to her support of HSUS. It's very disappointing, especially considering she grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma. She may have a beautiful voice but I won't be buying her music.

on Jul 17, 2014

SHUT UP AND SING! that is what you do best you have no clue about the rest of us don't lump the family ranchers and farmers who work hard every day to try to make a living, with corporate non personal companies. If we stop producing you might get hungry and you might get thirsty, But if you stop singing nobody will care! You make good music but nobody care's about your politics or your cause. You better stick to what you know , because when you speak about what you do not know you just look stupid. I am surprised Carrie came from a farm in Oklahoma, her parents must have never told her to not forget where she came from! Fame is a fleeting thing here one minute and gone the next. When the spot light goes out you are no better than anyone else. If we didn't care for our animals humanly we would not be in this business long, animals are our life and are usually cared for before we take care of ourselves so it is insulting to me to be categorized as an abuser of animals just because one place or corporation used inhumane people or practices. We are not all guilty because someone did something that was wrong.
Only the unfair thing is that as a celebrity you can use your position to speck to people who are not all the smartest people in the world not all but some and they will hang on every word you speak, If you don't tell them the honest truth they will believe the untruth that was told to them. How are we as honest caring producers suppose to deal with that that is not right. you are hurting the people you came from if you don't care fine, but please understand when we forget about you when the sparkle is gone from your eye's and your hair color has to come out of a bottle.

Donna (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

Carrie has partnered with pedigree .Fact checking would be a good thing .

Using an article about Carrie & Miranda to push along your anti HSUS is pathetic.

Christie (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

No celebrities using their fame to push H$U$' agenda is pathetic!


on Jul 17, 2014

Facts- short one/two sentence long answer.

Propaganda-paragraphs of a sales pitch to attempt to distort the facts.

DreamKrazy (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

Carrie has tweeted that she has never worked with PETA. Yet the big rich cattle industry tries to slam PETA by saying they abuse animals to. Yet no one has ANY verifiable evidence that Carrie sings about, blogs about, preaches about, marches in a parade, been in a commercials supporting PETA or veganism. Every time PETA finds out that a celebrity does not eat meat, they use them to promote their cause. Carrie and Miss Obama were used in one Photoshop ad by PETA without permission. Carrie supports HSUS and has been in many Pedigree ads for spay and nurturing of domestic pets only. Too Natalie lifes like to add BS crap without any proof. Carrie has never been in any newspaper, TV show, radio program, magazine promoting PETA as well as banning the fur trade. Zero proof anyone has. She has donated more money than anyone that has made any comments on here as well as those that are behind this hateful crap.

Jim Demoruelle (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

Hey Beef, get on the ball and invite these ladies to attend and support your functions, I am sure that Carrie and Miranda get some reward ($) for what they do for the animal rights groups. Education about the harm that the H$U$ causes to Ag. would change the allegiance for these country girls,.

Emily (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

Actually, Carrie partnered with the Pedigree Adoption Drive back in 2010:

She then helped donate $10,000 to shelters with the charity:

So by your logic, you should now miraculously love Carrie like Miranda because she partnered with Pedigree?

Miranda and Carrie are best friends and both love animals. I'm sure if their views on this subject (which is clearly close to both of their hearts) were as different as you appear to be suggesting, neither would want to be friends with the other.

on Jul 17, 2014

Thanks for the heads up from readers regarding Carrie Underwood's support of the Pedigree program. Just a point of clarification. Amanda's blog entry doesn't claim that Carrie Underwood is a PETA spokesperson, but does cite her as being a supporter of HSUS.

veggie (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

Beef (red meat) is one of the main causes of cancer. We were not meant to eat beef or pork. So hats off to those who live a meatless diet. You will be healthier and live longer. Why not advocate cigarettes for the tobacco industry and degrade those who choose not to smoke. Your article is self serving and irrelevant.

WilliamC (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

Compare human teeth to any herbivore then to any carnivore and you will see they are a great combination of both. We are omnivores not herbivores or carnivores. I have never found any real scientific data on red meat causing cancer only agenda driven studies. If you want to be a vegan good for you (don't forget your b vitamins though) but don't spread lies and misinformation about meat and our natural diet.

Mrs. Rancher (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2014

The accusations in this article are untrue about Ms. Underwood. She has proven over the years that she supports unfair cruelty to animals and HUMANS. She is not and has never been a member of PETA. She is a vegetarian and does not force her food choices on anyone at all (please note that her family, friends and her husband are all meat eaters). I am one of the many people that can not eat red meat due to health issues and I am reluctant to eat other products because of all the hormones, antibiotics, etc. that are given in the food industry to the animals, etc.. Ms. Underwood is one of the few celebrities today that I respect for living a good clean life without all the drama. The lies that are said about her disrespecting ranchers are all lies. I have friends that are ranchers and one of them is friends with Ms. Underwood and her husband---and he would be the first one to tell you that Ms. Underwood is very supportive of ranchers, etc. and it is a downright lie that she is against ranching. Ms. Underwood supported animal shelters, etc. long before Ms. Lambert did and was the spokesperson for Pedigree long before Lambert. Ms. Underwood and her husband are caring, giving and always there to lend a helping hand with money or doing manual work. We need more of them in the world. BTW---they do not spread hate or violence but love, caring and giving.

moefous (not verified)
on Jul 18, 2014

Carrie show us what you truly believe in and talk from your own mouth. Love to see you go through what we do!!

Sue533 (not verified)
on Jul 19, 2014

Ms Reyes has every right to an opinion but if she chooses to use a public forum to attack a public figure n an attempt to hurt her business the she has a legal and ethical obligation to get the facts correct.

Can Ms Reyes provide a single quote where Underwood has bullied a rancher? Is she aware that Underwood has participated in the Pedigree adoption drive in the past and founded a charity that helps fund the animal shelter in her home town? In my internet research I found a single public official affiliation between Underwood and the HSUS, which was a targeted donation for spay and neuter programs from several years ago. Underwood's only foray into political activism was her opposition to the so called 'ag-gag' bill in TN, a bill that was also opposed by the TN press association, the TN attorney general, and ultimately the TN governor. Underwood has made it clear in numerous public statements that her vegan lifestyle is a personal choice. She has never attacked anyone's personal choice to eat meat but she has certainly been attacked for her personal choice not to eat it. The whole 'shut up and sing' argument is antithema to everything this country stands for.

wynne (not verified)
on Aug 5, 2014

I am amazed that individuals can get so upset about what other people are eating. In the scheme of life what difference does it make if you eat veggies or meat or any combination of the available foods. There are much more important things in society than what county singers do or don't support. Most of the money that supports animal shelters, homeless shelters, children's programs, etc. comes from the average income hard working individuals. If the shelters have to depend on the money [ tax exemptions] that is donated by celebrities, the doors would quickly closed. When a celebrity is using the God given talent to make 25 million or more a year, it doesn't seem too much of a hardship to give to those can use the money to the best use...taking direct care of those humans and animals that need it the most.

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