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Let’s Talk Ranch Chores


This week’s poll asks, “What’s your least favorite ranch chore?”

The things-to-do list on a ranch is never-ending. There’s always fence to fix; weeds to spray; hay to cut, bale, stack and move; feed to grind; bills to pay; manure to haul; taxes to pay; the list goes on and on. Some things on the to-do list are certainly more fun than others.

For example, I would much rather move round bales than stack square bales. And, I would rather haul manure than spray weeds. My favorite time of year is the fall when the crops are harvested and the calves are weaned. While I can deal with a winter blizzard, my least favorite time of the year is the spring thaw and dealing with the standing water and mud that come with it.

This week’s poll on the homepage asks, “What’s your least favorite ranch chore?”

With 129 votes in so far, 40% of you dislike doing paperwork the most. Another 16% say clearing brush, while 12% despise cleaning corrals and hauling manure. Fixing fence is another least favorite chore for 16% of you. The remaining 17% cite other chores.

Where do you fall on the list? If I had to choose, I would probably agree that doing paperwork and preparing for taxes is my least favorite part of the job, although it would probably be one of the most important aspects.

If your least favorite chore isn’t on the list, let us know what it is. Post your thoughts in the comment section below and vote in the poll here.

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Susan (not verified)
on Jun 26, 2012

Picking up rocks! Here in NW Ga., it seems our fields sprout rocks. These rocks are softball size and larger and just play havoc with mowing pastures, checking cattle by horseback and no-till drills. It's a yearly job, more so in some pastures, that is time intensive. I wish for a magic solution!

Val (not verified)
on Jun 26, 2012

When I was a little kid I thought rocks literally grew out of the ground every year, just like corn. Where we live in North Iowa we have to pick up rocks from our corn and soybean fields annually.

Mathena (not verified)
on Jun 26, 2012

I would have to be with Susan, picking up rocks and stick, and other small odd job like the such that have to be done but just seem pointless.

Lindseyr129 (not verified)
on Aug 27, 2013

Spraying weeds. It's getting to be such an issue, chemicals are also very expensive! Talk about opportunity cost, and so discouraging!

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