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Election Results Could Greatly Impact Agriculture


Results of the 2012 presidential election could change the face of U.S. agriculture.

Today, a majority of Americans will go to the polls and mark our ballots, as we do our civic duty and help choose our nation’s direction for the next four years. The race for the White House is a close one, but our readers appear to overwhelmingly favor Republican candidate Mitt Romney as their choice for president.

In fact, a recent poll on the homepage revealed that 83% of respondents said they intend to vote for Mitt Romney today. Out of 831 votes, only 14% said they would re-elect Barack Obama. While this isn’t necessarily representative of how the overall electorate sees the race, agriculture – and particularly cattle producers – have a little different take on what’s at stake in this election.

A Closer Look: Election 2012

Weekly Times Now says rural communities are key in the battle for America.

“With today’s U.S election on a knife edge, it could be the nation's farmers who decide the outcome,” writes James Wagstaff. “The scramble over the keys to the White House is heating up – and farmers could play a key role in determining the winner.

“American Farm Bureau Federation deputy executive director Dale Moore says “it has been a while since the agricultural situation played a big role in presidential politics. Over the past dozen years, the agricultural economy – even though there have been a few plateaus – has been a bright spot, particularly when compared to the overall economy. So, a lot of the time what farmers want the government to do is not interfere with the good markets they have got going. I've seen polls that suggest that rural voters tend to lean more to Gov. Romney than President Obama. But by and large, Republican or Democrat, in this country, the rural areas tend to be a bit more conservative than the urban-suburban areas.’”

Who’s got your vote for U.S. president, why, and what are the issues most important to you? Leave your comments in the section below. And, as we watch the election results on the news this evening, here’s a little fun fact about our presidential candidates.

People Magazine recently asked Obama and Romney their favorite comfort foods, and they both love beef!

"Favorite comfort food?" Obama: "Five Guys burger and fries;” Romney: "Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrots."

Would you rather go to Five Guys with Obama or enjoy Ann’s meatloaf at home with Romney?

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Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

If Obama wins I am afraid we can kiss our property rights good bye. We already are looking at numeric nutrient standards that will put us out of business if inforced.

Big Crock (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

im kinda afraid too. I dont wanna lose my property

Big Black Hawk (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2012

Well look at that cow------> it is so sexy mmmm

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

It's and easy choice for that meal.

It would be no fun going to dinner at "Five Guys" with the Obamas because as we all know, it's o.k for him and his wife to chow down on those burger and fries platters but I'd be served carrots and apple slices that Food Czar, Michelle, reminds me is better for me and, of course, she knows best. Can I go home now?

The Romneys, like any good hosts, would serve me the same food that they are eating; meatloaf.....mmmmmm, good! When can we get together again?!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

Although I like 5 Guys burgers, I couldn't stomach sit ting down with a man that cares so little for this country and our way of life. I would be proud to sit with Mitt and family and enjoy some of Ann's meatloaf made with some of my good tasting, American, grass-fed beef

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

Well i dont care about any of these things because they are pointless....and i have no idea why you keep talking about food products and such....GANGNAM STYLE

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

It might be interesting to sit down with Mr. Obama and ask him some very direct questions about his Bengazi coverup--which the mainstream media is complicit in aiding him in the coverup; but, otherwise I think an evening of meatloaf and honesty with our next President and first lady would be a terrific patriotic moment. We cannot afford another 4 years!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

Wow, maybe I need to stop eating beef, it has obviously sclerotized the arteries to your brains. Congress does (or does not do) the farm bill.

Katlyn Rumbold (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

I'd love to share some meatloaf with Mitt! It doesn't get much better than some down-home cooking.

randy almond (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

I like 5 Guys and I would like to sit with Master Obama & his wife to dis CUSS why our country & our flag is no longer respected, why our students are going hungry at home and now also at school. I love meatloaf and could give Mr. Romney some advice for the next four years.

A Vega (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

It is obvious that most readers of the Beef Daily are republicans. It is also obvious that politics has invaded their minds and don't let them think well, as much of their comments are nonsense. The US has lost respect internationally for the past mistakes and arrogance of our governing people, which date all the way to the late 1800's and during the 1900's, when imposition was the norm. Apparently, this is what many republicans would like to return to. Obama is a president that has shown respect for the people of other countries, something republicans don't seem to understand.

Mathena (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

Why should we show respect another country when they hate us,kill our people, and our allies, and only wish for the whole US to burn in the lake of fire?

FloridaVols (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

No question-meatloaf and a 'home-cooked meal" with Mitt and Ann

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

AVega........after reading your comment I wonder if "A Vega" is a surname for Hugo Chavez? But, if you are actually a U.S. citizen, you are clearly a self-loathing U.S. citizen. I feel sorry for you. It must be tough to live in a country that you despise.

Keith Evans (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2012

For those of you who like the Supreme Court rulings that money is free speech, that corporations are people, and that individuals and corporations can donate money in any amount to influence elections, then vote for Romney. He will likely get to appoint another justice to strengthen the majority on the court who believe that money and power should dominate this country. And if you approve of the results of the Bush administration, then you have another good reason to support Romney.

I am no great Obama fan, but fear of what a Romney administration would do leaves me no choice.

Keith Evans

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