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Apr 25, 2016

Managing costs is key to riding out cattle cycle

We are looking at several years of pretty tight financial situation for U.S. agriculture. Farm income is less than half of the 2013 peak, and we....More
Apr 11, 2016

Projected lifetime returns: Bred heifers2

What economic and production factors impact the economic value of preg-checked heifers in your cowherd?....More
Apr 03, 2016

Transparency pays for beef producers

Consumer demand for increased transparency in agriculture is calling on beef producers to start the conversation....More
Feb 18, 2016

2016 beef enterprise cost outlook: Bred heifers

The cost of maintaining a static breeding herd is projected down substantially for 2016 going into 2017....More
Feb 18, 2016

Will the roller coaster ride in price discovery continue?

In 2015, we ended up with the largest net meat supply increase in our domestic market for any single year going back to 1950....More
Feb 08, 2016

Price spreads likely to widen1

No matter the particular market, the top calves — those that pose buyers the least risk, the most market opportunity and usually a combination of the....More
Jan 04, 2016

Managing risk is more important than ever

There seems little doubt that recent volatility and uncertainty caused some to delay marketing decisions. It seems the recent market crash has pushed....More
Dec 07, 2015

Cattle buyers still find value, pay more for healthy cattle

Cattle buyers continue to pay more for calves with added health assurance, but not necessarily the way people often think of such programs....More
Nov 02, 2015

Lessons from the 2015 cattle market wreck

Though there were other contributors to the late summer - early fall market slide, the backlog of overdone cattle fueled the price slide....More
Oct 29, 2015

Is the cattle cycle back? Part 2 of a 2-part series

Will we see cattle cycles again? Assuming that corn prices stay reasonably stable, as we saw before 2006, I would answer “Yes, I think so.”....More
Oct 05, 2015

Snapshot of today's stocker operater

The number of producers exclusively in the stocker business and those who have both stocker cattle and cattle feeding enterprises is growing....More
Sep 24, 2015

How to take advantage of today's record calf prices2

It is interesting to note that the high-profit, top 20% herds earned $724 per cow, a 10% higher earned economic return than average. The low-profit,....More
cowherd hexpansion on fast track
Sep 14, 2015

Cowherd expanion on fast track

Taking a broader view of the cattle inventory, LMIC projects the total U.S. cattle inventory next Jan. 1 at 92.4 million head, which would be 3% more....More
Aug 10, 2015

Earned cow herd returns in 2015 predicted second highest on record

This month, Harlan shares a statewide detailed beef cow enterprise analysis of 91 beef cow herds reported in North Dakota’s 2014 annual summary....More
Aug 03, 2015

Has vertical cooperation gone horizontal?1

Think horizontally when considering value-added programs in the cattle industry....More

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