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10 Reasons Why I Want A Cowboy For A Son-In-Law

I hope my daughter meets a cowboy; I just hope she waits another 20 years before she starts looking for one.

I am so thankful that my lovely daughter (the only girl I’ve ever known who could rival her charm, intellect and beauty is her mom), has not reached the stage where she is dating. Yet, I know that day is coming.

A friend who has daughters mentioned that he hopes his daughters don’t date a cowboy. I know what he meant, but the following is why I hope if when the day comes, my daughter selects a cowboy rather than a boy.

1. A cowboy takes risks every day, but they are calculated risks backed by a skill set. A boy takes unnecessary risks.

2. A cowboy will own up to his mistakes. A boy will make excuses for them.

3. A cowboy will extend you respect until you prove you don’t deserve it. A boy respects only those who can offer something in return.

4. A cowboy will do whatever it takes to support his family and take care of the land and the animals in which he has been entrusted.  A boy looks for others to take care of him. 

5. A cowboy takes the long view. A boy lives in the moment.

6. A cowboy is always looking to earn the respect of others. A boy is looking to gain attention from others.

7. A cowboy is firm in his beliefs and values, regardless of the situation. A boy changes his beliefs based on those he is around.

8. A cowboy has integrity. A boy makes promises he knows he won’t keep; he writes checks he knows he can’t cash.

9. A cowboy is always willing to learn. A boy thinks he knows everything.

10. A cowboy looks for quality, whether it’s in cattle, horses or women. A boy looks for something that he thinks will make him look good.

A cowboy knows he must take full responsibility for his family and his actions. He understands that God has entrusted him with his family, the land, and the animals under his care, and it’s his job to protect and serve them – and to set an example for them. A cowboy isn’t blameless, but he learns from his mistakes and walks with integrity. He understands and has a relationship with his maker, and seeks to honor that relationship and the special calling he’s been given. A cowboy is courageous and works every day to fulfill his purpose in life.

I hope my daughter meets a cowboy; I just hope she waits another 20 years before she starts looking for one.



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Anonymous from MO (not verified)
on Dec 20, 2013

Thank you for your "10 Reasons" article. My daughter (age 14) and I had a good discussion about it this morning before we went out to feed the cows together.
You highlighted all the things my wife and I want for her in a man (not a boy!). Interesting to note, that you could just have well have written "10 Reasons I Want My Son to Marry a Cowgirl," as these character traits are things we also desire to see in her life!
Thanks again!

Kent Hanawalt (not verified)
on Dec 26, 2013

CowBOYS seem to have a bad name. In my mind, your article refers to cowMEN.
Whatever, I love it. I've been a "cowboy" for 45 years, and your article describes ME and the legacy I hope to pass on.

Frank Schlichting (not verified)
on Dec 28, 2013

I would much rather my daughter meet cattlemen than cowboys. Cowboy are not so much about the cows and more about the boy. Lots of cowboys want nothing to do with cattle!

Kent Hanawalt (not verified)
on Dec 29, 2013

What a great article!

I have always been a 'cowboy' even though I'm approaching what many would consider to be retirement age.

And I know that "cowboy" has a negative connotation in many venues.

But Troy has here enumerated my values.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree - which we all know as BS. And also an MBA. And I work part-time as a healthcare consultant to help support the ranch.

But I am a Cowboy.

And Troy's article should more appropriately be entitled CowMAN - but I so much appreciate that he has listed our core values under whatever name.

on Aug 1, 2016

Thank you sir. This has given me something to work hard on being.

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