U.S. livestock producers need to take their story to the American public. Surveys show that consumers trust farmers. You see glaring proof of this in the “buy local” movement where folks go face to face with those who produce their food; they like the story; they trust the personal connection. That's the one-on-one relationship we need to foster.

This Earth Day – April 22 – is a good opportunity for livestock producers to take the time to communicate by email with others in their email contact list. Compose a short positive message on the importance that protecting the environment holds for you.

That message might be simply that:

  • 85% of U.S. grazing lands are unsuitable for producing crops. By grazing animals on this land, American ranchers more than double the area that can be used to produce food.
  • Or, nearly 90% of U.S. cattle farms and ranches are family-owned and operated, with two-thirds of them having been under the same family ownership for two generations or more.
  • Add a personal note and/or example of your dedication toward that resource, then send it to your email list on April 22.

The idea isn’t to tell your life story, it’s to provide a short affirmation that you are in the livestock production business and you care about your animals, your planet and your livelihood; that you are an able and responsible steward of these resources.

We'd love to hear about how you are sharing the our industry's stewardship story. Leave us a comment below!