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2012 Election results
After A $2-Billion Election, Status Quo Prevails
Reader surveys and online polls ahead of the November presidential election consistently indicated that BEEF readers preferred Republican nominee Mitt Romney by a wide margin over Barack Obama. And that support within agriculture for the Republican nominee appears to have been wider than just beef producers.
2013 Is Our Year Of Anniversaries
The year 2013 is a significant milestone in the history of BEEF magazine. It holds the fifth anniversary of the launching of BEEF Daily (September), the 10th anniversary of the launching of BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly (July), and September begins the magazine’s 50th year of publication.
Books & Calendars For The Holiday Season And Beyond
Looking for that last-minute gift or something to decorate the ranch office? Various organizations are offering beautiful photo books and 2013 calendars:
Beef Producers Claim Shortage Of Large-Animal Vets; Vets Say No 3
A looming shortage of large-animal vets in rural America was a big worry six years ago. In fact, the August 2006 issue of BEEF magazine included a report on a survey of U.S. beef producers and bovine practitioners that found almost 49% of producer respondents worried about a long-run shortage of large-animal practitioners in their community, and 14% said there already was a shortage.
Ag Must Take Lead In Guiding Water Policy 1
The U.S. population is predicted to grow from 309 million in 2010 to 439 million by 2050. A significant portion of that growth is expected to occur in traditionally water-deficient areas like the southwestern U.S.
Washington D.C.'s outlook for cattlemen
Colin Woodall Provides A Nov. 6 Election Wrap-Up 2
After all the effort and money expended in the 2012 election, there really wasn't that much that changed, says Colin Woodall, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s point man in Washington, D.C. The general dynamic, the general control, the general philosophies stayed pretty much like we've had the past two years, which is good and bad for U.S. cattlemen. Here’s why.
BEEF Exclusive Vet/Producer survey
U.S. Beef Producers And Veterinarians Surveyed
As a producer, do you think you usually make efficient use of a veterinarian’s time on your operation? Of 1,404 producers responding to an email survey in August, 46.6% said always, 50.6% said usually, and 1.7% said seldom. Interestingly, when veterinarians were asked whether their clients made the most efficient use of a veterinarian’s time during an on-farm call, only 2.4% of 83 responding DVMs said always, while 89.2% said usually, and 8.4% said seldom .
2012 Trailblazer Winner Bill Broadie
Bill Broadie Named 20th BEEF Trailblazer
Bill Broadie is the founder of the All-American Beef Battalion (, a non-profit organization dedicated to thanking the nation’s military by providing a steak dinner to every U.S. soldier. More than 130,000 steaks have been served to deploying and returning U.S. soldiers thus far. He is being honored as the 2012 Trailblazer Award winner.
Tyson's Farm Check On-Farm Audit Program
Tyson Announces On-Farm Audits Of Animal Treatment
Specifics are still preliminary but Gary Mickelson, Tyson Foods director of media relations, says the FarmCheck™ program of on-farm audits concernd the areas of human-animal interaction; access to food and water; general animal well-being; proper worker training; proper animal handling practices; routine self-auditing and monitoring of facility and animal caretakers by the producer; and records of activities and actions.
Opinion: Romney/Ryan Ticket Is What The U.S. Needs 10

Following the conclusion of the two major political party conventions in early September, BEEF magazine ran a weeklong online poll on beef
We asked readers to weigh in on which ticket would win in November. Of more than 500 responses, 72% said Romney/Ryan, while 20% said Obama/Biden, and 8% didn’t know.

grazing cornstalks as cattle feed
Cornstalk Grazing Offers Potential For Winter Cattle Feed Savings
A tough drought is forcing many U.S. beef producers to scramble this fall to find alternative sources of winter beef cattle feed, as hay has become rare and/or prohibitively expensive. One potential source is cornstalk grazing, which researchers say can save over $1/day/cow compared to feeding expensive hay.
OCM, HSUS Partnership Makes For Strange Bedfellows 1

U.S. livestock producers were shocked earlier this year when the United Egg Producers snuggled up with the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) to lobby Congress for layer legislation. But that was nothing compared to the August thunderbolt when the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) slipped under the covers with HSUS.

U.S. Pasture & Range: 59% In Poor, Very Poor Condition

The latest USDA Crop Progress report (week ending Aug. 12) shows 59% of U.S. pasture and range in the 48 states to be in Poor or Very Poor condition. That total percentage remains steady from last week, but considerably worse than last year’s 39% figure.

OCM, HSUS Go After Checkoff In Court 3
Citing lack of progress on a succession of legislative and regulatory fronts, the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) is now looking to the courts. During the group's annual meeting last week, Fred Stokes, OCM president and director, announced that OCM and the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) were joining forces to seek an injunction against USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the Beef Promotion Operating Committee.
Pasture & Range: Florida Is The Best, Missouri The Worst 1
Grazing conditions nationally continue to wither, as Missouri continues to dry out, while Florida fares the best.

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