Hazel eyes meet brown eyes
Soft warm nose nuzzles small tan nose
Strong and fearless overpowers weak and nervous
Both as stubborn as can be

Soft, fuzzy thick brown coat
Brushes against dirty shirt and golden tan
Too many burrs in both manes
Not sure who has more

Hard metal hooves cleaned by smooth dirty hands
One can’t stand the tight girth
The other the wobbly new helmet
Neither wants to see a whip

Long skinny arms hug long strong neck
Neither can stand one another
Yet, at first glance, both run eagerly to each another
Treats or just hello satisfies both

Anger confronts frustration
“Be calm,” one says
"Be gentle", says another
Confusion and sadness circles around in their minds

Big brown eyes look deep into round hazel eyes
Playful meets playful
Dreamer meets the dream
Both want to be free. Both need each other
All exchanged through a look between brown and hazel eyes.