In today’s fast-paced, hectic world, we all make the mistake of trying to do too much. We want to be everything to everybody. But, in my opinion, we should aim to be the best at one thing and earn a reputation for that instead. Thus, in my A to Z list, F is for having a purpose driven focus.

For instance, in your career or your ranching operation, what is it that you specialize in? Find that focus that you excel at. Marketing gurus suggest you should then emulate this in your own “theme line,” so the world will also know your specialty.

Remember “Wheaties: Breakfast of Champions” and “Your in Good Hands with All State.” What is the phrase that communicates what you and your ranching operation (or business) stand for to customers? It might be customer service, elite genetics, industry leadership – the list goes on. And, developing this theme line – or simple mission statement – is also a good reminder for your own priorities.

Sure, there will be several facets of the industry that your business is involved in – but there needs to be one that is a top priority; one that is your primary focus. Once you’ve taken the time to realign your purpose and find your focus, you’ll find that you can become more efficient and prosperous too.