The Laramie Agenda as well as other animal health and welfare issues affecting the nation's livestock industries will be addressed at the 110th annual meeting of USAHA held in conjunction with the 49th Annual Conference of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD) at the Minneapolis Hilton, Oct. 12-18.

USAHA, the nation's animal health forum for more than a century, is a science-based, national organization of state and federal animal health agencies, international animal health agencies, state and federal wildlife agencies, national allied organizations, district representatives and individual members. AAVLD is a national organization that coordinates animal disease diagnostic activities of regulatory, research and service laboratories, and disseminates information relating to diagnosis of animal diseases.

In addition to the joint scientific session, there are scheduled meetings of USAHA's 33 species- and subject-oriented science-based committees and more than 20 supporting industry and professional organizations. At its Annual Conference, AAVLD will hold 11 scientific sessions, 5 symposiums, and 29 committee and subcommittee meetings.

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-- Clint Peck