Contrary to the contention of your Aug. 18 piece, "Horse Slaughter Ban Is Important To Cattlemen," the horse slaughter ban is more important to horsemen than cattlemen. Troy Marshall admits the horse has never been considered a meat animal, nor are they raised, handled or medicated as meat animals.

Horse processing is also not a "very important management practice," as he alleges. It's America's dirty little secret that only accounts for less than 1% of the horses in our country annually. The only horse groups that are pro-slaughter are those dominated by cattlemen.

Contrary to Marshall's claim, it's the meat industry that is using emotion, invoking the "slippery slope" metaphor as a scare tactic. Are you really going to support the Chinese and Koreans if they try to open dog slaughterhouses in the U.S.?

Our meat industry is important to us, and has many regulations and laws to keep our food supply safe. Very few of these apply to horses. Almost all equine medications are labeled "not to be used on animals intended for human consumption." The meat industry should tend to its own and leave us non-meat industries to do the same.
Janine Starykowicz