After two weeks of slight declines, diesel prices headed up during the week ending Monday, July 3, says the Energy Information Administration. The national average for the week rose 3.1¢ to $2.898/gal., 55¢ higher than the average for the same week in 2005.

The Midwest saw the biggest spike, jumping 6.8¢ to $2.887/ gal., reports Land Line magazine. The highest average was in California at $3.119. The rest of the West Coast also dropped slightly to $3.056/gal.

Prices in New England and the Central Atlantic checked in at $2.948 and $2.951/gal., respectively, while the Lower Atlantic region rose 1.8¢ to $2.834/gal. The East Coast as a whole rose 1¢ to $2.874/gal.

The average in the Gulf Coast region jumped more than 2¢ to $2.845/gal., while the Rocky Mountain region saw a slight decline to $2.958/gal.
-- Joe Roybal