Effective immediately, all classes of U.S. cattle, including those for breeding purposes born after 1999, are eligible for entry into Canada based on prescribed certification requirements, Canada announced this week. Beef from cattle over 30 months of age will also be eligible for importation under certain conditions.

USDA Secretary Mike Johanns lauded Canada's further normalization of trade in beef and beef products.
"We are very pleased that today's announcement as we have worked closely with our Canadian counterparts establish a trading system that follows World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) guidelines for the safe trade of beef and beef products."

Meanwhile, Johanns expressed disappointment with China's announcement this week of "a limited market opening that only includes U.S. boneless beef under 30 months of age."

Johanns says China agreed at an April meeting of the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade in Washington, D.C., to reopen its market to U.S. beef by June 30 following the development of a science-based trading protocol, consistent with World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) guidelines.

"We have fully described the numerous safeguards in our system, answered many questions and delivered an abundance of factual, science-based assurances that U.S. beef is safe.

"It's time for China to open its market to all U.S. beef products, in accordance with the international standards established by the OIE," Johanns says.
-- Joe Roybal