Cattle producers and ag groups from across the nation are making every effort to urge the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to drop regulation of coarse particulate matter (fugitive dust) under the Clean Air Act. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) is telling the EPA that coarse particulate matter is dust in the wind -- not smoke or soot -- and has never been demonstrated to have adverse impacts on health at ambient levels and cannot be regulated in this manner.

In a press statement, NCBA says it believes the EPA may decide to regulate ag dust anyway. It adds that this "non-science based proposal" by EPA is a slap in the face of America's farm and ranch families who have made 'dust control' a priority land management practice for generations.

NCBA expects a final rule on this issue out of the EPA by the end of September and is urging U.S. cattle producers to phone, write, or e-mail EPA staff and other officials and voice their opinions on the matter.
-- Clint Peck